Life Lately + Blogging is Dead in the Philippines this 2018

Life Lately + Blogging is Dead in the Philippines this 2018
It's been couple of months since I last blogged here and I think I am not the only blogger in the Philippines who went missing in action this year. The reason why is because of Instagram. Most brands are investing more on IG if not, Youtube so if you are a blogger/ influencer who wants to earn money, then it is not too late to create your own PR friendly Instagram account. Right now, I have over 9,000 instagram followers and trying to update my feed as often as I can but life lately is more about work and adulting stuff. I still able to get some brands who wants to work with me but most of the time, I don't have the time to shoot content for them or no time to cover events.

I also noticed that I receive less advertorial emails in 2017 and 2018 so I kind of forget why I started blogging way back 2009. Back then, blogging is more on like a diary where you post everything under the sun. There are no influencers, no sponsored posts, no promoting stuff and definitely no money involved. I forget the main reason why I started a blog which is my passion in writing and it's been my outlet for me to release all negativity in my life.

Even though blogging is dead, I will continue on blogging not for the money but for myself. Thanks to this blog post that I published May of 2016 that is receiving massive amounts of comments recently and I have no idea why. I checked if there are spam links but don't see anything hidden so I am confused why I am getting a lot of amazing comments there. I just think that maybe the blogging world wants me back? 

The main point of this post is to let everyone know that I am back in blogging but this time, I will be sharing more personal stuff like what I do during the weekend, what I eat when I go out, some negative things I experience in my life or at my workplace etc. No more posts about promoting brands or whatsoever so that's it for today!

PS. I also had my rhinoplasty surgery last April 2018 and will be getting another one this coming August since the one that I had with Dr. Reyvic Cerilles was a mess. Expect a detailed post about my nosejob journey in the future so stay tuned if ever you are planning of getting one.

P.P.S The photo above is not mine. Shoutout to Tim Goedhart from Unsplash for letting me use this amazing photo!

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