Take Care of Dry Skin

Dry skin is a common ailment among men, women and children, no matter the season or the climate. In some countries where there are seasonal changes, the drastic changes of temperature could readily upset the elasticity of the skin. Going to a dermatologist is not an option for some especially if there is none nearby or if the finances just do not allow for it.
Take Care of Dry Skin
Dry skin has been linked with the type of diet that an individual follows and even if the diet is nutritious, if there is a lack of certain vitamins like Vitamins E, B, C and D, then the skin can still suffer for it. A diet of fish, fruits, raw vegetables, as well as lots of water and exercise may sound like a diet for a heart patient or even a diabetic; however, these are still the main staple of gaining good skin.

Hygiene is another way to keep the skin healthy. Taking showers or baths are good and hygienic, but there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Lukewarm water is the best temperature for the body as this does not shock the system as much as cold and hot water showers do. Moreover, it is best not to stay too long in the water as this could also make it dry, no matter what moisturizing bars claim in the market. Try moisturizing the skin soon after taking a bath or shower as this will retain or 'lock in' the moisture.

There are also home remedies that work quite well with moisturizing the skin. Surprisingly, olive oil used for salads is also very good for the skin, so is peanut oil, and almond oil. These same oils are also highly effective for dry hair.

For skin that is chapped or has rashes, the home remedy of oatmeal soap or oatmeal wash that is usually used when one has chicken pox also works perfectly. It not only soothes the skin and prevents stinging when using ordinary soaps, but it actually has an antibacterial and an anti-itch effect.
For those who have cracked and sore dry rough skin on the hands and heels of the feet, applying Vaseline or body cream based on olive oil is best at bedtime. Keep the moisture in by using socks when sleeping as this will increase the effectiveness.

As dry skin means that the skin lacks moisture, it means that there are not enough fluids in the body, especially if they are lost due to excessive sweating. The best remedy for this is of course, hydration with natural water, not the sugary flavored sports drinks, but just plain old water. Following a course of good food and water, plus exercise, not only will the skin get healthier and regain its elasticity, but the body itself will be healthier.

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