How Do You Find The Best Moisturizer?

A commercial moisturizer contains a mixture of chemical agents that is designed to soften the outer layers of the skin by improving its hydration. Some of its ingredients are natural lipids and sterols, oils, lubricants, humectants and emollients. It is known to treat dry skin, improve skin tone and at the same time protect sensitive skin.
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There are a variety of moisturizers that are available in the market today because of their popularity, especially among women, but concerns have been raised by experts regarding their safety. Now, let's evaluate and find the best moisturizer in the market.

There is research which indicates that the only moisturizer that does not increase the incidence of skin cancer in high-risk mice is the one that has no sodium lauryl sulphate and mineral oil. This means that many commercial moisturizers, which contain these two chemicals, are not safe to use. So, let's look for natural moisturizers that are safe and effective.

Let's consider jojoba oil as a skin moisturizer. It is actually a wax ester and not an oil, is rich in vitamin E, and has a chemical makeup comparable to sebum, an oil produced by human skin. One advantage of using jojoba oil is that its hydrating effect lasts longer compared to other commercial moisturizers.

Another highly recommended natural moisturizer is olive oil. Because it is rich in vitamin E (like jojoba oil), it is effective in fighting wrinkles and in the overall improvement of skin.

Shea butter can also be used as a moisturizer and is found in several natural skin care products because of its ability to promote elasticity and to make the skin firmer. Additionally, the fatty acids in shea butter can help the skin reduce the appearance of dullness and age spots, which are associated with aging.

Avocado oil contains vitamins A and E, antioxidants that are effective in maintaining skin's health and is shown to improve the collagent content of the skin.

Meanwhile, there are natural skin care products that incorporate natural moisturizers in them. These skin care products range from a night cream, eye creams to anti-wrinkle creams that contain natural skin care oils that can moisturize the skin including jojoba oil, avocado oil and shea butter. These products moisturize and at the same time they help prevent wrinkles.

Based on what I learned about commercial moisturizers, I can say that the most advertised products are not the most effective and the safest. For me, natural oils are still the best moisturizers. And the best natural skin care products are those that contain all the ingredients the skin needs to stay healthy and younger-looking.

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