Clay Masks For Acne

Clay Masks For Acne
In the decades that the prevalence of acne has exponentially surged, so have the number of treatments available. The various products available at the commercial level is astounding in itself. You have exfoliating scrubs, alcohol pads, home dermabrasion kits, foaming  list goes on and on. At the professional level, you have laser treatments and prescription medications. One product which has grown in popularity due to its modest to good results is the clay mask. This affordable treatment which, is often advertised in magazines and on television, is designed to help reduce oil levels. This can eventually lead to drastic reduction in the number of new breakouts.

Acne occurs when one of the pores on our skin becomes clogged with debris. These contaminants are largely composed of dead skin, which in an acne-free individual are disposed of regularly by the skin. The obstruction keeps oil from flowing to the surface of the skin, allowing it to instead collect inside. Inside the pore, you also have acne bacteria which use oil (or sebum) as food. With such an abundance of food sources, they being to multiply rapidly and eventually produce an acne lesion.

Clay masks can help eliminate the oil which is involved in the acne equation, leaving you with clear skin. When the bacteria have nothing to feed off of, they cannot duplicate. You can also reap some other aesthetic benefits from using a clay mask, including no longer having to put up with an oily complexion.

You will often discover conflicting information when it comes to how and when to use a clay mask. Since it can be drying, its often a good idea to limit usage to a maximum or once or twice a week. You need to follow the instructions provided for your particular product carefully. They should specify how long to leave the mask on before washing it off. Skin irritation may arise for failing to adhere to instructions.

These masks should be readily available at most local stores and pharmacies. The manufacturers of acne products which we are all familiar with typically have one or two mask products. You will have to skim a few product labels to find the one which is most suitable for you skin. Good luck!

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