Popping Pimples - Good or Bad for your Skin?

Popping Pimples - Good or Bad for your Skin?

One could say that Popping Pimples is a part of getting through the adolescent years. Not only are pimples ugly to look at, but they could also be a sign that the skin is going through various changes. When a pimple occurs it's a natural reaction to want to get rid of them fast so we pop them. What we don't know is that method is a little mistake that could lead to a big problem later.

What are Pimples?
A Pimple is a swelling in the skin caused by pores that is clogged with oil, dirt, or pus. Pimples can occur individually on the skin or in mass amounts and they can appear anywhere on the body. In addition, they can result in mild to severe acne cases.

There are a number of reasons why pimples can occur. Reasons such as puberty unbalance of female hormones (pre-menstrual cycle), greasy foods, oil-based skin care products, and even heredity can create these unwanted bumps. Even constantly touching the face with your hands or not following a daily cleansing ritual can increase the onset of a breakout.

Is Popping Pimples Really Beneficial?
When pimples occur on the face, we want to get rid of them as soon as possible and we think popping these unattractive bumps is the quickest way to do this. We lean forward towards the mirror, place two fingertips one on either side of the bump and then press the fingertips towards each with the hopes to burst the ugly bump and release the contents inside. Once the tension from squeezing the pimple has reached its maximum limit, the contents of the clogged pores are released. This process can be painful and it can be damaging to the skin. So, in my opinion it is not beneficial to pop a pimple unless you know what you are doing and most of us don't.

When pressure is placed upon the skin that is around and covering the clogged pore, the skin is being stretched to the point that it will eventually create an opening which is essentially a self-inflicted wound. Yes, the tension of knowing that a pimple was once on your face has been relieved but now you are faced with a red sore on your face. Worse yet, the sore can turn into a scab which can in turn become a lifetime scar if the damage from squeezing that pimple was extreme enough.

Another thing to consider before you decide to pop Pimples and that is once that open sore that you create isn't kept clean, it can become infected. In fact, many tend to continue to examine and then touch the affected area of skin which adds additional unwanted pollutants to that area. This can cause more damage to the skin when the sole purpose is to remove the unwanted bump.

So should we be venturing into the nearest bathroom to press, push and force our skin to break open just to discover that we must then deal with a red open sore that could possibly become infected? Or should we be accessing the numerous other options available today, from homeopathic to over the counter products to dermatologist services that can be much more effective?

The downside to these methods is that many of us don't want to wait for these options to work. Which leads us to the conclusion that unfortunately, Popping Pimples will be an ongoing method that we think is a quick fix to those unsightly skin irregularities regardless of the outcome?

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