How to Cure Acne With Combination of Honey and Cucumber Treatment

cucumber and honey as acne treatment

Acne has been a huge problem for various age groups which can have huge impact in physical and psychological aspects. Since it is a worldwide problem that attack not only teenagers, but also adults, it is getting hard to see which products you should use to cure it. There are various offers on drugs, medications, over the counters, pills, and also natural methods to effectively clear acne that often confuse acne sufferers. They are simply cannot decide which product to use, and consequently they are switching from product A to product B too frequently, which is usually harmful for the skin.

Among various methods to cure acne, there is a simple combination of natural acne treatments that can be applied by you. They are the combination of honey and cucumber treatment. I will explain to you how you can use each treatment simultaneously. You will use honey as external treatment for your acne and cucumber as internal treatment for your acne.

You can combine honey with various ingredients such as egg and rosewater. But, we will use the mixture of honey and rosewater. This mixture is, however, my favorite mixture because it is so refreshing after you apply it. It is relatively simple to make, and therefore I will recommend this mixture highly for your external acne treatment.

The mixture of honey and rosewater can make a tremendous improvement in your skin if you apply it correctly. Honey and rosewater can reduce the swelling and inflammation in your skin naturally and effectively. It will reduce your acne and prevent acne scarring.

To make the mixture, for every one teaspoon of honey you should add a half teaspoon of rosewater. Just prepare a clean and sterile bowl for this mixture. Wait for a few minutes to make sure that the ingredients are mixed perfectly. Now, you can apply the mixture to your acne after a bath. Please apply the mixture gently to your acne. Do not harshly and hurriedly apply the mixture as it will do more harm than good. Wait for 20 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.

Along with the above external treatment, it is excellent to combine it with good internal treatment as well. Cucumber is really a good fruit to eliminate toxins and free radicals from your body. For the cucumber part, you can eat fresh cucumbers before every meal and eat more cucumbers during the day. Before sleep, drink a glass of cucumber juice. Don't forget to use only fresh cucumber and excrete your bowel every day for maximum benefits.

The above two combination is what I call excellent acne treatment that you can apply every day. Usually the result can be seen in a few days or weeks. You just need to start it today.

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