Beach Cruiser Bike Buying Guide: What You Need To Know

Beach Cruiser Bike Buying Guide: What You Need To Know
Beach cruiser bikes are not just for slow, leisurely rides on the beach.  Cheap beach bikes are not only for occasional bike riders.  The beach cruiser is an affordable, versatile bike.  There are even beach cruisers with gears, for those who want to ride a little bit faster.  Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a beach cruiser bike.

Consider the Terrain Where You Will Be Riding Your Bike
Beach cruisers were designed for the beach boardwalk.  Therefore, the ideal terrain for a beach cruiser bike is paved roads on flat ground.  Single speed beach cruisers cannot go all that fast, especially if you are riding somewhere slightly hilly.  If you plan to ride your bike to work, and your commute includes bridges, consider a three-speed beach cruiser.

Beach Cruisers Prioritize Stability Over Fitness
Riding any kind of bike is good for your cardiovascular health, but you are not going to win the Tour de France on a beach cruiser.  The upright riding position of the bike make it very stable.  Its wide tires and roomy saddle also make it a comfortable bike, especially for novice riders.  If your main goal in getting a bike is to achieve competition-ready levels of fitness, a beach cruiser is not the bike for you.  In that case, you would want a road bike or fitness bike instead.

Although they are not usually marketed that way, beach cruisers are great for urban and suburban commuting.  They stay stable even on slightly wet pavement.  As long as there are sidewalks or bike lanes, it is perfectly safe to ride a beach cruiser during rush hour.
Beach cruisers were built for fun, but they are so much more than just bikes for leisure riding.

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