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Fierce Melissa Bolona

Melissa Bolona Philanthropist: Always Lending a Helping Hand

Many actors use their fame for good, such as becoming involved in charity work. By having notoriety, a celebrity can use their status for good, such as helping charities that work with children or animals. Many celebrities try to use their spare time to help others and Melissa Bolona is no exception. Melissa has been involved in philanthropy for many years and continues to work to help others. She is known as a top 20 philanthropist under the age of 40 and continues to use her time wisely, helping those in need. 

Starting at an Early Age

In her youth, Melissa began her philanthropic work and has continued to expand on how she helps others. Back in 2013, Melissa took on the role as the charity ambassador for Gents, working to raise money for the James Blake Foundation. For three years now, Melissa has worked to support the Sean Penn J/P Haitian Relief Organization and worked to raise money for the Clinton Foundation. 
By 2015, Melissa was recognized by the New York Observer as a leading young philanthropist. She works in several areas to help others including supporting the ASPCA, CAA Foundation, Algemiener News and Stylight. Melissa uses a great deal of her free time in order to help others.

melissa bolona with her lovely dog

Model and Actress
As a model and actress, Melissa is constantly traveling around the world. It is during these travels that she is able to see just how people live and where help is needed. Melissa is usually found in Los Angeles and New York City, while extensively traveling for work. You can follow Melissa and see where she goes and learn more about her philanthropic work as well as what she is currently working on following her on social media. She is active on Instagram and has developed quite the following. 
For everything Melissa Bolona press-related, check her complete list of movies at Melissa Bolona IMDB.

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  1. I have not heard about that woman earlier, but now I am reading your post and I really like what I see. She seems like a really kind and good-hearted person and she is beautiful as well. I will keep her name in mind since this moment. Thanks a lot for sharing it with us.


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