Weekly Link Roundup: 8 Blog Posts About Skin Care You Should Read Now!

Happy Friday loves! In the past few days, I have read some amazing blog posts about skin care and as always, I bookmark all of them so that I could featured them here on my weekly link round up!

1. Keiko Lynn's detailed morning and night time skin care routine is first on the list! Such a wordy post but it worth the read!
2. Renee Rouleau's 10 night time skin care tips is also a must try.
3. Wondering about some skin care routines of your favorite beauty bloggers? Read it all here!
4. Kathleen Jennings also shared her night time skin care routine. Amazing products were also mentioned. 
5. Experiencing uneven facial skin tone due to harsh skin products? Try this amazing product I have featured yesterday.
6. Skin and Tonics very wordy yet informative post about her skin care routine is also a must read. One day, I will write something like this.
7. Emily Gemma's skin care routine that mainly focuses on shrinking pores and fading dark spots is also a must read.
8. If you are specifically looking for some products to try for your daily skin care routine, Paula has some helpful recommendations for you!

Photo Source: Blushless

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