Freckle Tattoos Is The New Trend This 2017!

There are lip tattoos that will always give you that pink natural lips without lipstick and there are also eyebrow tattoo for you to have that gorgeous brow that does not need frequent retouching but have you heard of freckle tattoo?

Freckle Tattoos Is The New Trend This 2017!

I kinda weird but yes, you can have freckles tattoo now and this is going to be a trend for the upcoming months. 

So who is the trendsetter? It is none other than Gabrielle Rainbow, a cosmetic tattoo artist from Montreal Canada. She discovered it while she watch her friend draw freckles on her face in a daily basis.

This freckle tattoos are semi-permanent so if you want to try then you don't have to worry about getting stuck with fake freckles on your face forever. This can last up to 3 years and will cost you $250.00. Not bad at all.

Photo Source: The Pool

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