8 Must Try Green Salad Recipes

Happy Hump day lovelies! Last week, I wrote about the benefits of eating green salads not just from the inside of our body but also from the outside so today, I am going to write about some delicious green salad recipes for you to try this weekend (and so do I)!

1. This super healthy redleaf lettuce salad with grilled corn, peaches, avocado and walnuts recipe from Oprah should be the first on the list!
2. I love avocados so this green salad with avocado should also be on the list.
3. This baby kale with preserved lemon and halloumi looks very delish!
4. Since I am always busy, this very simple green salad made on the list. 10 to 12 minute preparation time is not that bad.
5. Gary Rhodes' late-summer green salad is interesting as it sounds so let me try this one as well!
6. This green salad with tomatoes, scallions and toasted kasha recipe looks like the one I always make but this one has a twist!
7. This avocado & feta green salad is also perfect for my diet! And of course, I love avocados!. 
8. I just need to add this simple green salad recipe aside from #4. This lettuce salad with garlic croutons is also a must try especially for busy person like me.

Photo Source: Paola Thomas

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