10 Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Morning Right!

Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Morning Right!
Happy Monday, everyone! So this is going to be my last post for the month of February and expect more from me about summer essentials and skincare tips for hot and humid temperature. In the meantime, feel free to check out these breakfast recipes I have got here to start your morning right.

1. Let us start with the basic. This microwave eggs in a cup is pretty interesting!
2. Woke up late? No need to worry because this breakfast & lunch (brunch) recipe is here to save the day.
3. Want to try Indian breakfast recipe? Check out this recipe called rava mint paratha which is so easy to make.
4. This baked chicken and waffles sandwich looks very taaasty! I want this so bad!
5. I am sure everyone loves eggs in the morning so better read this 21 egg recipes!
6. For people with hangovers, these recipes are perfect way for you to feel and look perfect after drinking hard the other night.
7. And of course, who would forget pancakes for breakfast? This almond-pumpkin pancake looks delicious!
8. Want something fancy? Check this post about breakfast recipes in the whole entire universe!
9. Aside from pancakes, I would also love to have this strawberry cream cheese-stuffed french toast.
10. If you want something fast and simple, this baked eggs & potatoes recipe is just for you!

If you want to have green salads for your breakfast, you might want to read my previous post about it. I got plenty of green salad recipes there that worth trying!

Image Source: Hotel Giraffe

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