10 Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Morning Right!

Breakfast Recipes to Start Your Morning Right!
Happy Monday, everyone! So this is going to be my last post for the month of February and expect more from me about summer essentials and skincare tips for hot and humid temperature. In the meantime, feel free to check out these breakfast recipes I have got here to start your morning right.

Friday Favorites #1

Happy Friday, loves! I know it's been a rough week for all of us and that is why I decided to do a write up about some amazing stuff that I discovered online. I also took time to get the link of the item in case you also want to purchase it. Clicking the link will direct you to Amazon.

There you go, I hope you liked today's entry. See you again on Monday and enjoy your weekend! xo

Karlie Kloss Editorial for Vogue US March 2017

Feeling thrilled when I first saw these photos of Karlie Kloss for Vogue US for the month of March 2017. Aside from these gorgeous photo of Kloss dressed as a geisha, this editorial also reminds me of the animation "Spirited Away".

Photography: Mikael Jansson
Styled by: Phyllis Posnick
Hair: Julian D’Ys
Makeup: Hannah Murray
Model: Karlie Kloss
First Seen on Fashionista

Freckle Tattoos Is The New Trend This 2017!

There are lip tattoos that will always give you that pink natural lips without lipstick and there are also eyebrow tattoo for you to have that gorgeous brow that does not need frequent retouching but have you heard of freckle tattoo?

Freckle Tattoos Is The New Trend This 2017!

I kinda weird but yes, you can have freckles tattoo now and this is going to be a trend for the upcoming months. 

Gorgeous Neiman Marcus 2017 Swimwear Trend

I know it's only February but as early as now, I am preparing this blog to be summer-ready. So today, I will be posting some gorgeous swimwear trends from Neiman Marcus. If you are looking for some summer outfit this 2017, check out the photos below.

1. Graphic Prints // 2. Lace Coverup // 3. High Neck Silhouette // 4. Detailed Back // 5. Strappy Details //  6. Plunging Neckline

For more amazing products, visit Neiman Marcus's shop!

EDITOR'S PICK: Stylish Footwear from Neous

I am currently in love with these stylish Neous shoes that I saw while browsing some products to feature on the blog. Neous is just new in the shoe industry but it offers high quality products that you can use in different occasions. It is a London based brand founded by Alan Buanne and styled by Vanissa Antonious, a former Harper's Bazaar editor. Prices starts at around $350.

Victoria Germyn and Robin Marjolein for Wildfox Sunkissed Spring 2017

It feels like an early summer when I look at these gorgeous photos of Victoria Germyn and Robin Marjolein for Wildfox Sunkissed Spring 2017. Everything looks so fresh and lively and their statement outfits are also amazing!

Photography:  Mark Hunter & Steven Meiers
Hair: Luke Chamberlain
Makeup: Gloria Noto
Models: Victoria Germyn & Robin Marjolein

Weekly Link Roundup: 8 Blog Posts About Skin Care You Should Read Now!

Happy Friday loves! In the past few days, I have read some amazing blog posts about skin care and as always, I bookmark all of them so that I could featured them here on my weekly link round up!

1. Keiko Lynn's detailed morning and night time skin care routine is first on the list! Such a wordy post but it worth the read!
2. Renee Rouleau's 10 night time skin care tips is also a must try.
3. Wondering about some skin care routines of your favorite beauty bloggers? Read it all here!
4. Kathleen Jennings also shared her night time skin care routine. Amazing products were also mentioned. 
5. Experiencing uneven facial skin tone due to harsh skin products? Try this amazing product I have featured yesterday.
6. Skin and Tonics very wordy yet informative post about her skin care routine is also a must read. One day, I will write something like this.
7. Emily Gemma's skin care routine that mainly focuses on shrinking pores and fading dark spots is also a must read.
8. If you are specifically looking for some products to try for your daily skin care routine, Paula has some helpful recommendations for you!

Photo Source: Blushless

EDITOR'S PICK: Loreal Revitalift X3 Night Cream Mask is just Perfect!

Hello Loves! If you are having a problem with the uneven tone of your skin just like what I had encountered after using Dr. Alvin's soap and Skin 101 products, that I think not okay with my skin type and I find both products very strong and not healthy to our skin at all. I am not discouraging you guys to try these products but it is important to know your skin type first so you will be able to determine if these type of products will work for you or not.

8 Must Try Green Salad Recipes

Happy Hump day lovelies! Last week, I wrote about the benefits of eating green salads not just from the inside of our body but also from the outside so today, I am going to write about some delicious green salad recipes for you to try this weekend (and so do I)!

1. This super healthy redleaf lettuce salad with grilled corn, peaches, avocado and walnuts recipe from Oprah should be the first on the list!
2. I love avocados so this green salad with avocado should also be on the list.
3. This baby kale with preserved lemon and halloumi looks very delish!
4. Since I am always busy, this very simple green salad made on the list. 10 to 12 minute preparation time is not that bad.
5. Gary Rhodes' late-summer green salad is interesting as it sounds so let me try this one as well!
6. This green salad with tomatoes, scallions and toasted kasha recipe looks like the one I always make but this one has a twist!
7. This avocado & feta green salad is also perfect for my diet! And of course, I love avocados!. 
8. I just need to add this simple green salad recipe aside from #4. This lettuce salad with garlic croutons is also a must try especially for busy person like me.

Photo Source: Paola Thomas

Get That Look: Melania Trump in Flats

Melania Trump touched down Florida in a flamed red caped Givenchy dress which is very elegant but instead of wearing high heels, Trump wore tonal flats instead. Very rare sighting according to vogue.

GET THAT LOOK: Aside from that elegant red caped Givenchy dress, Melania also wore shoes by Christian Louboutin// quilted Chanel bag // Gucci's oversize shades// and her very flattering engagement ring.

Exclusive Look at the Raf Simons x Adidas Originals Stan Smith RS in Cream

Happy Monday everyone! Starting the week right by showing you this amazing pair of Raf Simons x Adidas Originals Stan Smith in Cream color. Perfect for minimal lovers and can be matched with any casual outfit you can think of. So what do you think? Yay or Nay?

You might also want to look Nike Air Max Zero in smokey blue color that I have featured last week. I still can't get over with it.

5 Reasons Why We Should Eat Green Salads

I only eat green salads when I want to detox my body from toxic especially if I have had a lot of drinks during the weekend. But I just realized how important for us to eat salads more often. For today's post, I will be featuring 6 health benefits of eating green salads.

Shockingly, green vegetables like spinach, radicchio and watercress all contain a lot of Vitamin K. And for women, this is important in keeping bones strong!

Spinach, romaine and red leaf lettuce are all great source of Vitamin A that helps our eyes adapt from bright light to darkness so hurry up and toss these wonder veggies in your salad!

So it is true that spinach can rev up your muscles just like what happen when Popeye eat them. According to the recent Swedish research that inorganic nitrate abundant in spinach resulted in muscles using less oxygen.

Preparing a Caesar salad for example is one of the best ways to protect your heard from any types of heart diseases. A study shows that the higher the level of folate in a person's diet, the lower the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Chronic magnesium deficiency has been linked to an increased risk of type 2 diabetes and the development of insulin resistance.

I also notice that when I started eating green salads or just simple vegetable in my daily diet, I notice that my skin becomes more glowing. It just shows that eating vegetables has great impact to our body not only from the outside but also from the inside.

Articles Source: Best Health Mag

EDITOR'S PICK: Nike Air Max Zero in Smokey Blue Color is to Die For!

Just want to show you how amazing this newest design of Nike Air Max Zero in "smokey blue" color. I love all shoes in blue so this is to die for!

Nike Air Max Zero in Smokey Blue Color is to Die For

Nike Sportswear’s Tinker Hatfield-designed Air Max Zero is back in yet another brand new colorway. This time around, it’s “Smokey Blue.” Marked by a predominately white upper, this latest rendition is of the “Essential” variety and ditches the ripstop nylon construction of the aforementioned women’s pair in favor of the silhouette’s usual combination of mesh and seamless synthetic overlays. Here, the shoe’s namesake “Smokey Blue” hue hits the mesh portions of the kicks, as well as the branding, eyelets, rubber outsole and visible Max Air unit. - hypebeast

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