Wild Motor Riders

For today's featured post, we will talk about motorcycles and some glamorous editorial of wild bike riders, Edita Vilkeviciute and Magdalena Frackowiak. Also, if you are looking for some guides about choosing the best motorcycles then this post will be your reference as well. So let us begin.

Buying your first ever motorcycle is very exciting and this is the beginning of your journey as an official rider. However, personalizing or modding your bike is more thrilling especially if you have all the things you need in order to do this. 

There is no perfect motorcycle but there are a lot of ways to make it perfect; and this is by means of motorcycle mods or tweaking some vehicle parts according to your taste as a rider.

Here are the few things you can tweak in order to personalize your ride: Exhaust System // Air Filter // Frame Sliders// Fender Eliminator // Battery Tender// Tires // LED Turn Signals // Sliders // 

For me, aside from the motorcycle body, I am always fascinated with the the tires. Tires for motorcycles are huge part of your riding experience so why settle for less? If you are willing to spend more cash on other motor parts, you might want to plan about spending for the best tires as early as now.

If you are also into fashion or a type of person who is conscious with what you wear, aside from your all over fashion style whether it is a denim or leather day for you, it is also important to invest in a pair of rider boots. This is perfect especially if you have a lot of things to attend to after a long day of awesome ride with your modded bike. Changing from one outfit or boot to another one is very impractical so why not wear the same outfit? Rider boots can be expensive most of the time but don't worry because there are lots of best budget motorcycle boots available in the market nowadays.

All in all, being a rider is an amazing thing to do however, if you are doing this for a long time, you will crave for more things to do with your ride like personalizing every part of your vehicle. It will cost you a lot of money but in doing so, do not forget to read some guides online so that you can choose the best stuff for you in a practical way.

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