Monday Must Read: Helpful Tips on Minimizing Large Face Pores

Happy Monday loves! Pokemon Go is consuming most of my time from the day that it was released here in the Philippines and because of that, I am always on the go! I think the app has good and bad side but it is still depends on the user though. Anyway, I am not going to talk about the game here, today I am going to feature some articles about tips on minimizing large face pores.


1. Paula's article is so detailed that it has to be on the number one spot! Very helpful indeed.
2. Have you ever heard of face icing? If not, FMS's blog entry is perfect just for you.
3. Elizabeth also writes something about minimizing face pores with the help of advanced procedures.
4. This is also a fascinating article about some face pores myths.
5. You want some basic techniques in closing up facial pores? Menscience wrote it for you!
6. Tips for shrinking large pores and a suggested product group for you!
7. Ever heard of the caolion #perfectpores kit? Beauty bloggers said that it is a pore minimizer extraordinaire.

There you go, I hope you learned something new today on the blog.If you have some tips about your skincare routines, feel free to send me an email so I can featured it here on the blog.


  1. Thank you for advices

    xx LL

  2. Thank you so much for the commend on my blog!!!
    I love this post, great tips and tricks I will try some of them out for sure!


  3. Great blog. Thanks for sharing.


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