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Maintaining a healthy skin can be a really tough and expensive duty to fulfill especially if you use different types of skincare products. In my case, I use different brands for my facial wash, toner and moisturizer and in addition, I also take supplements that are vital for my skin like collagen, vitamin-e and glutathione.

8 Tips For Korean Flawless Skin

If you notice, Korean skins are the best in Asia. More and more people and going crazy with their beauty products and religiously following some korean skincare routines. In addition, skincare technology in Korea is more advanced compared to other countries and that includes the US!

For today's post, I will feature some useful tips for that flawless korean skin everybody is asking for. It is actually a followup to my entry on Monday about fresh korean skin. Gosh, I am getting more and more obsessed with korean skincare secrets I could write a blog post about it for the whole month of August! 

Enchanting Summer

Sharing you this amazing editorial from honestlywtf.

Monday Must Read: Useful Tips on How to Have Fresh Korean Skin

Happy Monday, loves! It's been one hell of a week and I am still tired from our company's outing last Saturday so I just spent my whole day resting. Went out to buy some stuff at home and for dinner as well but mostly, I just hopped from one blog to the other. Kind of relaxing actually; reading posts about fashion, shopping, interior designs etc.

Amazing Benefits & Side Effects of Whitelight Sublingual Glutathione

I am in the journey of finding the best glutathione in the Philippines and willing to try some of them. My goal is not to have whiter skin but to a healthy and smoother skin that lasts as I age. Since I am not getting any younger, as early as now, I want to invest in products that will benefit my body from the inside & out.

fairer korean skin

As of now, I already tried several glutathione products which I already posted on the blog, so far, one of my favorites is Snowcaps L-Glutathione Supplement. I also liked my experience with Metathione Whitening Capsule but it is more expensive but has the same effect as Snowcaps.

Currently Using Whitelight Sublingual Glutathione Spray

Hello awesome blog readers! In this post, I will share you this new product that I have been using for a week now. It is called Whitelight Sublingual Glutathione that I bought in LAZADA for only 1,500 pesos. It is quite cheaper compared to other online shops because I saw it somewhere online as well but it costs around 2,000+ pesos (for the same exact product). I think I prefer buying stuff in Lazada now because I am saving money compared to buying at the mall like for example, the Snowcaps Glutathione that I bought in Watsons for 1,500 where you can purchase the same exact thing online for only 1,040 pesos. Big savings indeed!

whitelight sublingual glutathione

From the root word sublingual that means under the tongue, it is a method of administering substances orally and in this manner, the substance will rapidly and effectively absorb by our body compared to taking it in using capsules or tablets. And it is also not dangerous even if you overdose yourself with this substance since glutathione is a common compound that can be found in our body.

Life Lately + Supermarket Snaps

It's Monday again and I want to start my week right by writing a "Life Lately" blog entry. I think I need to blog more about my life because I don't want to overwhelm you guys with fashion post full of affiliate links perhaps, this also serves as my outlet, semi-personal blog.

fruits photography at supermarket

Every time I go to supermarket, I tend to take a lot of photos in my VSCO cam but mostly, for my snapchat updates. I don't know but I really love the colors there specially the fruits section.

Spring 2016 Trend Check- Things Worth Investing In

Most fashionistas know the love for runway trends. Every season, it’s a wait to see the best of fashion unfold on the ramp. Spring 2016 collections were revealed last year, and a lot has already been written about the trending ideas. However, if you are on a budget, you would need to find the most wearable and effective ideas. This is a post that talks of all the essentials worth investing for spring, along with some fun ideas to glam up your closet. 

The button-down with a twist: We all have that one button-down white shirt, which easily shifts from the workplace to the casual outings. However, for spring, many designers worked with unique ideas, giving the basic design a quick twist. The white shirts in spring collections were all about using many ideas. From lace and ruffles to cut-outs and even sheer materials, there were quite a few ideas.  White shirts are great for the fall too, so this is more like an investment for your wardrobe. 

The amazing wrap skirt: After a long time, wrap skirts made way to the runways in a variety of different approaches. From a slit to use of muted and often subtle colors, there was something for all. You can check top collections of Andrew Gn, Carven, and Michael Kors to name a few. Keep a check on the hemlines, which fluctuated from being simple, A-line to more asymmetrical designs. Wrap skirts were once reserved for the casual outings, but with the current tweaks, you can even wear one at work. 

The stripes gone bold: Bold and colorful stripes was one of the best trends this year seen at some of the biggest shows including that of Christian Dior, Alexander Wang and Max Mara. If you are fond of simpler stripes, you should see a few looks at Elie Saab, DKNY, and Tommy Hilfiger. Stripes work wonders when you wear a dress or simple skirt with a monotone top. Whatever you choose, make sure to limit the accessories, so that you can avoid a cluttered look. Complete your look with a pair of simple sneakers and a nice pair of shades. For summer sneakers, click here.

The love for pleats: Pleats, in the more functional ways, emerged as the leading trend this season, and it was great to find so many unique ideas. From the colorful skirts to the more sculptural dresses, this is one runway idea that looked amazing in varied forms. Just add the right twists of a statement necklace or a good pair of danglers, and you are good to go for a fun day with the girls. You can find a few pleat looks at Gucci, Carolina Herrera and Emilio Pucci. 

Until we have another round of fashion talk, stay happy!

Author: Suzy Walsh is a fashion blogger and style expert, from the House Of Elegance Fashion. Suzy is known for her amazing take on trends, as she believes in the power of offering ideas for every girl and for every budget. (image via popsugar)  

Professional Skincare Formula by Dr Alvin Did Not Work For Me

If you are looking for a skincare formula that is already known to minimize and rejuvenate pores, then you might want to try Professional Skincare Formula by Dr Alvin. I mentioned it before when I write something about minimizing face pores using kojic soap and I think it somehow worked for me.
I am not sure what went wrong but I developed a more sensitive skin after using Dr Alvin's kojic soap. During my first week, everything was fine. I never had any allergic reaction and as a matter of fact, I found it really effective because I saw that my skin was peeling a bit and pores were closing little by little. But on my second week, I noticed that my skin was more sensitive than before. Like it always felt itchy and when I scratch it even a bit, there will be red spots all over my face.

Symmetrical Beach Life

Happy Wednesday my loves! I am quite disappointed about PokemonGo's servers being blocked in the Philippines right after I downloaded it on my phone. Anyway, I am hoping that they will open it soon here so I can try catch some pokemons in my area and it will definitely encourage me to walk more on my way home from work. Need to lose some fats!

Skin Care Product Must-Haves from The Body Shop

Sharing you for today's post some of the best skin care products that I want to try from The Body Shop. So far, these are some of the products I have used/ am using for that healthy-looking skin.

1. LIP BALM - My lip is kind of sensitive especially if I use products that are not natural. That is why I want to try TBS's moisturizing lip care. It comes with variety of delicious flavors for irresistibly kissable lips, plus the fact that they are made from 100% natural ingredients.

2. DROPS OF YOUTH - I have tried different serums and so far, the most effective for me was Kiehl's Midnight Recovery but the problem is, it is expensive. Youth Concentrate is going to be your day-to-night skincare routine. Each product in this range gives you another daily dose of more youthful-looking skin. It is also perfect for people who have large pores that needs to be closed and fine lines to be smoothed. Definitely a must try!

3. ALOE VERA - For that ever sensitive skin. TBS has fragrance-free and alcohol-free Aloe Vera products that are clinically proven to be suitable for sensitive skin and helps soothe signs of irritation. They are natural skin soother and perfect for allergy-prone, itchy or red skin.

4. TONERS - This toner lifts off the grime and make-up you can't get at with water, it also temporarily tighten pores and refreshes your skin so it's moisture ready. 

How about you? Mind sharing your favorite skincare products?

For more product details, visit: THE BODY SHOP at

Indoor Plants For Your Home

Happy Friday guys! I am so sorry I was not able to browse that much over the past few days because of my busy day at work and that is the reason why there's no "Friday Link Up" today. But do not worry because I am sure you will also love today's entry as I feature this amazing plant series by Studio Joop.

Gift Guide for Her from Chicnova

Sharing you today all the things I love when I visit Chicnova, an online shop for women that offers amazing fashion trends for women! So if you are looking for some new clothes, then Chicnova is a must-visit website for you.

I personally chose 9 amazing items just for you so I hope you will like it.

What do you think of the items, guys?

The Wishlist & Gift Guide Post For Him #1

Today's entry is all about the good stuff I have seen online. Personally, this is for my wishlist but if you are looking for some gifts for your loved ones like your boyfriend, brother etc, then this post can be your preference as well.

1. Art Snapback ($9.95) - This is indeed a must-have hat for any occasion. Perfect pair with your favorite tee-shirt and shorts.
2. Double Dreamcatcher ($39.99) - This is the next big thing for dreamcatchers from all over the globe! Hand-made in India and each hoop has a crochet centre and metallic rose gold and white hanging trims.
3. Captain America Socks ($24.95) - Not just for the 4th of July but for any casual day.
4. Bueller Sunnies ($5.00) - Perfect add on for your everyday outfit and the fact that it is only for $5.00!!
5. Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker ($20.00) - Take the party with you with this rugged outdoor bluetooth speaker! Can be synced with smartphones and blast your fave beats wherever you go.
6. Fedora Hat in Black ($26.00) - This is the new thing now I believe since I am seeing a lot of guys wearing this wherever I go.
7. Watch & Passport Holder ($48.00) - Coolest watch I saw ever! Definitely a must have.
8. Lennox Underwater Camera  ($35.00) - Can be used to a depth of two metres. Perfect this summer.

PS. Happy 4th of July everyone!

Weekend Loves & Links #2

Happy Friday everyone! I don't have work today because today is Canada Day; although I live in the Philippines, my clients at my day job are all from different provinces in Canada so we celebrate their holidays as well. It's been raining since Wednesday here in my place but I kinda like it! I love the gloomy weather that is perfect for short walk at the park before I go home from work and especially the cold temperature, cuddle weather it is! ;) Sharing you some of the few things I love for this week.

Dying to have one of these cool skull crafted ceramics I found on an etsy shop. And some succulents too!

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