Sunday Currently #2

I am not really into my blogging mood this week because I was so stressed with my upskill training at work. I love learning new things especially at work but there are things that I just don't get and I also don't like the feeling that I am the only one who don't get it. But for the sake of the second volume of my sunday currently, you can read the first volume here.
Reading some of my favorite blogs trying to catch up with their lives. Also backtracking some of my fave instagram feeds. Stalker mode on.

Writing a lot of blog drafts that I think I will never finish! Procrastination at its finest.

Listening to my TV background and my partner's mouse clicking. He has been so busy with his online business.

Feeling a bit sleepy. I have colds since thursday night and my nose is kind of runny, throat is rough as well. I overdose myself with lots of vitamin- c already hope it works.

Wearing my white sando and summer short short. I am planning to go to the mall later to buy some stuff and get some money at the bank. The weather is insane these past few days and I think that is one of the reasons why I am not feeling okay today. Pati weather inconsistent.

Clicking a lot of some new blogs as much as I can. It is my goal to bookmark some blogs that I find interesting. I recently added cocolapinedesign on my list for some interior inspiration.

So that's it for today. How about you, what are you up to on a hot sunday afternoon?

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