Drawings on the Wall

Dreaming to get one of these artsy wallpapers I have found online. I know that I am not really into this kind of color when it comes to designing spaces but this could be a perfect alternative in case you want something new. More wallpapers here.

Watsons Finds: Cathy Doll White Heads Clay Mask & Quick Fix Tinted Moisturizer

Yesterday, I went to Market Market Mall to do some of my Sunday chores like buying shampoo and conditioner for my pet dog, Samson, buy some groceries for dinner and a lot more! I also had my Balinese whole body massage at Big Apple Express that I find very relaxing. It has been almost a year since I had a great massage experience, work has been occupying my entire life now. Right now, my goal is to save money for my future and some pocket money when I visit my mom in Belgium. I just want to share with you guys some of the things I bought from Watsons and I might write a separate blog for my personal review in the next days.

Quick FX Tinted Moisturizer 
I was really impressed with the products that I had tried from Quick FX, so far, I already tried their CC Cream and No-Shine Mattifier. Have not tried their tinted moisturizer yet but I will let you know if this will work for me as well. But my favorite would be their mattifier.

Weekend Loves & Links #1

Happy Friday everyone! This is going to be the very first volume of Friday Link Up where I feature some of the things I have stumbled upon during weekdays that I truly loved. Enjoy the photos and down below them, you can see some short descriptions and links where you can read more of it!
I am loving this early summer salad that is perfect for my diet since I have been trying to lose some weights lately. Last year, I took this weight gain drink and it was 100% legit. Now, I have been dying to lose some fats because of it.

Also, these all-natural furniture is definitely an eye catcher! If only I could have one at home.

I have also never imagined that there are so many ways in preparing an avocado. Gosh I love these recipes I found while browsing online. Would love to try them all!

Loving all the photos from this blog especially at the beach. Things at work have been so toxic for me. Sometimes I just want to quit and travel. My mom from Belgium wanted me to have a 3-month vacation over there but I am afraid that would be impossible because of the nature of my hectic work here in the Philippines. Maybe soon...

Tiny White Space

Hello everyone! Happy Wednesday. This day is dedicated for all things related to interior design that I truly love and if you are new here, I am into minimal design like black & white motif for small spaces since I live in a small studio type room here in the Metro with my dog so it is all about making tiny spaces look bigger.

Sunday Currently #2

I am not really into my blogging mood this week because I was so stressed with my upskill training at work. I love learning new things especially at work but there are things that I just don't get and I also don't like the feeling that I am the only one who don't get it. But for the sake of the second volume of my sunday currently, you can read the first volume here.

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