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The corporate world is so boring as early as now I am thinking about this coming weekend. Well, I am trying my best to love what I am doing at work and believe me, it is working! Promotion is just around the corner, people are beginning to notice my presence and tasks are somewhat increasing. Maybe I just make sure that I just don't go to work just to be there; I also add quality to what I do.

This is a much awaited weekend for me because it is going to be a long one. Victoria Day is on the 23rd and I am on a vacation leave on the 24th so I have 2 extra days to just do nothing and think about life in general or play with my dog friend, Samson.

X-Men: Apocalypse is also showing this weekend so me and my partner will definitely go out and watch it! X-Men is a film that I can watch for multiple times without getting bored. I don't know, maybe I just love the concept of having a mutant power.

So for some link love:
  1. Deluminator's blog in general is one of the reasons why I decided to blog about myself without thinking of what other people think. This time, blogging is not about getting paid or having tons of sponsors. I will just have fun just like the good old days.
  2. I am loving all the photos from Paris in Four Months' blog! Impeccable  photography skills.
  3. In my search of finding and bookmarking some personal and lifestyle blogs for my inspiration, I am now inspired to do a city guide post here soon! Bonifacio High Street, be ready!
  4. It is still scorching hot here in the Philippines so I am kind of envious reading her weekend stay in Tokyo with all the cherry blossoms.
  5. Enjoying the photo diary in Santa Barbara. I wanna visit!!!
  6. And finally, I am so curious about this spicy thai mint julep recipe I found on honestlyyum! 

Til next time. xoxo

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