Sunday and It's Raining

So this the very first volume of my "Sunday Currently" since I have been seeing a lot of bloggers do this every week. For this entry, I am going to write about everything that's happening or anything in my head on a Sunday.

I was about to visit my apartment today to get my TV because the old one that we got here in my partner's unit is not working anymore. I was about to go out already however, it started raining and it's only 3 pm but the view outside looks like it's already 6! I think this is the official start of rainy season in the Philippines. I love gloomy days but this time, it is not in my favor because I really need to get that TV or else I might die of boredom.
Reading some blogs that also have this type of topic on their respective blogs. First on the list is siddathornton who I think started this whole thread in the blogosphere, followed by Camie from wild-spirit.

Writing a lot of stuff lately for my blog/s. I am planning to update this blog at least 3 times a week but I don't want to feel that blogging is a task I need to finish. So whatever. I will just blog if there is an urge I guess. As long as there is juice flowing in my brain.

Listening to the sound of my fan to keep me cold. I guess summer is not yet over.

Thinking about some personal stuff. There are lots of things happening lately and I am planning to write some deeper post about myself. Some sort of "Letter to myself" about love in general but not now I guess. I need more inspirations.

Wishing to have that promotion I have been waiting for. I know it's only been a year since I started working for my second job as an insurance guy but I have been doing some extra stuff designated for me lately. I will just work my ass off for that.

Wearing my comfortable belgian red devils sando my mom bought me from Belgium and my basketball short. Already prep up for some goodnight sleep.

Feeling sleepy but at the same time, there is this sudden feeling that I need to finish this post before I go to sleep. I started a draft for this at around 3PM then the rain stopped so I went to Market! Market to buy something for my pet dog, Sam. He got skin allergy called hotspot and needs to be treated. #daddyduty

Clicking on so many blogs about "sunday currently". I just simply love reading and discovering new blogs with neat layouts and has topics that I can relate to. Recently added siddathornton on my list.

So that's it for today. What about you? What are you doing now?

Featured Photo by Mario Calvo / Unsplash

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