Wanting To Try Smirnoff Electric Apple and Electric Berry!

I am not really a heavy drinker but I love tasting different types of drinks with alcohol content in it. Occasional drinker, maybe. The best margarita I have tasted was way back in college when we dined in at Chili's Alabang. And also tried some cocktail drinks at Spicy Fingers Greenbelt. At home, we also drink our DIY margarita shots with tacos with friends while watching scary films.
After reading some of favorite blogs early in the morning today, I stumbled upon this entry about Smirnoff Electric Apple and Berry.

It sounds great! I have tasted Smirnoff during my very first Globe Unleashed Party and I kind of liked it. I also liked SanMig Apple so I think their taste might be similar somehow? That I am not sure yet.

If I have enough time this coming weekend, I might be able to try it with friends. Smirnoff Electric is available at top bars and clubs near you or if you are a fan of loud music, then you can just buy one in 7-Eleven.

Have you tasted Smirnoff Electric Apple & Berry already? What is your favorite? Any comments?

Image via Seph Cham

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