Kratos Strong Coffee Review

Kratos Strong Coffee Review
After seeing Krato's coffee TV commercial, I wanted to try it immediately so I can write a review about it unfortunately, I had a hard time searching for it. I checked it at Family Mart, 7-Eleven and even Mini Stop but was not able to find it. Not until today. I got lucky and found it at SM Aura Supermarket!

I immediately bought 3 of them. Single Shot of Cafe Mocha and Vanilla Latte and Double Shot of Black coffee.

Kratos Strong Coffee Review
Kratos Strong Coffee Review
Kratos Strong Coffee Review

So I feel a bit dizzy a while ago, I decided to try the single shot cafe mocha. Taste is just okay though. I mean nothing is special about it. I have hyper-acidity but it was not triggered by Kratos so I can still drink it while I am at the office without worrying about my hyper-acidity.


5 out of 10 Kratos Level


I was not able to drink all of my first Kratos coffee (Vanilla Latte) so I decided to put it in the freezer. When I woke up this morning, I decided to give it a try again while it was frozen and... IT WAS AMAZING!!! I appreciated its taste compared to when it was chilled.

So for my tip, drink it frozen, not just chilled! So far, my favorite is the vanilla latte. I tasted all three that I bought, cafe mocha is okay though I was not able to freeze it.Double shot black coffee is just okay, half of it is still in the fridge so let's see if it is going to be amazing just the first one.

Have you tried Kratos Coffee already? What can you say about it? Let your voices be heard. Comment down below.

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  1. I tried a sample at SM Hypermarket Cainta. I'm a fan of coffee in general so thought i'll give this a try. I had the Black Double shot. Though sweet with the initial taste, the coffee flavor was very palatable.

    I bought 2 cans of Black and just finished the first can at room temperature, really enjoyed it. I actually prefer my regular cups of coffee tepid in temperature so this really hit my pallet nicely.

    I'll drink the other can once its been in the freezer for an hour or so.

    The price is slightly more than a 3 in 1 sachet - maybe P2-5 more, that said this is a really nice flavorsome coffee. Glad i found it.

    1. Thank you for sharing your review about Kratos Coffee, Pete! Much appreciated.

  2. Double shot can keep me awake for hours!

  3. Just 2 sips for the double shots makes me awake for hours. Darn!!! Usually I palpitate if I drink coffee , but this time it didn't take effect. I wonder why.


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