How to Achieve That Harry Styles' New Hair Style in 2016?

I know a lot of guys will look for some hair styling 101 after Harry Style trimmed his long precious hair last week. So for those who want to achieve the new hairstyle of Harry Styles, you have come to the right place!
Harry Styles rocking his curly long and shiny hairstyle.
A lot of people were shocked about Harry's new haircut but of course there were few who also liked the transformation. I myself liked the new one since am not really a fan of having long hair for guys. I prefer neat-looking hairstyle. Just saying.

Turned out to be a hoax!!! You got us, Harry!!

Sorry to spoil you guys but Harry did not chop his hair like the photo above. It was an old photo of him with his short hair. Although he got some trimming and chopped of some split ends and damaged hair but not something dramatic.

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