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Hello Monday people! As much as I want to rant about Mondays, I will just try to be more positive about it. When I was a child, I really hate Monday because I don't like going to school. I also don't like the feeling when my weekend is about to end, it is like watching the world goes to an end. 

Anyway, new work week for me and this is going to be a hectic one since I will be on a training for two weeks. It is like a upgrade training for my skills at work, extra work, extra responsibility but in the end, a new opportunity for my career as an insurance guy. This training will be hard at first but I believe that I can make it!
On the other hand, I am still looking for camera that I can use in blogging. It is kind of hard to take pictures with my phone while everyone is carrying their camera. I had one before but I gave it to my mom when she went to Belgium. It was a pentax x5 bridge camera. I liked it because of its super zoom feature but  what I did not like is it needs to have 3-A batteries to work. I want something that I can charge directly though. So now, I am in search for a point and shoot camera that I can use for my photo-walk session around BGC highstreet, something that is handy but has amazing features.

Click These:
  • I just added a new blog on my inspiration list. I discovered siddathornton blog that started the sunday currently bandwagon in the blogging world. I love her minimal blog and it's not a commercialized one. #bloggoal
  • I was amazef with all the photos of Benguerra Island, a secluded African island. I just want to pack my bag and go there! Travel buddy please...
  • Jane's photos from her Porto trip encourages me to buy a camera and do some city tour around high street here in my area. I know it takes a lot of practice to take pictures like that but I will get alright I guess.
  • Ashley's blog makes me want to go back to selling stuff online aka affiliate marketing.
  • Also planning to take courses in becoming a licensed financial adviser for my part-time job. I mean I can do this during weekends. All funds will go directly to my pet dog, Samson who has a skin allergy now called hotspot that needs to be treated as soon as possible. He looks so pissed with that funny looking satellite dish around his neck.
Featured Photo by Alice Mourou / Unsplash

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