Building Muscle at Home and Some Workout Linkies

After taking a break working out at a gym, I felt weaker and weaker and all muscles I have formed in 2015 turned into fats so my ever flat belly looks like a beer belly now. Since I took some supplements before for me to gain weight, the way I eat now if far different from before and I think the rate of my metabolism is also affected by my age so it is very easy for me to get some fats. I eat more these days and that is why I decided to have an active lifestyle again and work out some muscles. To get lean. I am not really aiming for that perfect boracay kind of body. All I want is to have some few cuts, biceps, triceps, chest and of course, that flat belly.

Today, right after we watch X-MEN Apocalypse at SM Aura Cinema, we headed to Market Market and purchased 20 pound dumbbells for only 1,650 pesos! It's quite cheaper compared to what I have seen online.

I tried working out at home and it feels weird doing some dumbbell workout routine without a bench so I can fully extend my arms but I still continued. I prefer working out with real dumbbell compared to just doing push-ups.

I just did some research about working out at home routines that we can all try. Most of the articles I have seen are focused on chest area. Happy reading folks!

Workout at Home Routines (Chest Part Mostly) Linkies:
  • This post will give you some details on how to properly workout only with dumbbells and in just 30 minutes, it will definitely hit those major muscles! 
  • These 2 dumbbell workout program is also on point! Big thanks to the internet that I saw this entry!!! If you don't have dumbbells yet, I suggest you buy a pair. It is going to work!
  • Short on equipment? No worries! This dumbbell only workout can be used at home or in the gym for building muscle mass. You can also use this as a muscle shock workout to mix things up.
  • Basic, Basic, Basic!! I love this entry because it is very easy to follow! I did almost all of the workout programs from here earlier.
  • So for those asking what is the best dumbbell workout routine? Answers here.

Things you missed on the blog about fitness related topics:
That's it for today's fitness related entry. I hope you learned something new today. Til next time! :)

If you have something to share about your workout routine, feel free to share it with us! Comment box is available down below. 

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