Best of the Best Hotels in Baguio City Perfect for Weekend Getaway

It's been a while since I last visited Baguio and unfortunately, I was not able to prepare and also not aware of what to do or where to go there. Completely clueless! The time that I got out of the bus, I just went with it and I found this awful transient room that cost 1,200 per night. I really had terrible stay there. There were only 2 electrical sockets, no water heater (supposedly there is but the time that I paid, they said that it suddenly not working), no water supply early in the morning and all of my requests were delayed! This is what's going to happen if you visit Baguio unplanned. So it took me a couple of minutes to remember the name of the lodging house so I think it's okay for me to mention it here so people can avoid checking in there. The name is Ferrioni Pension House.

Despite of the room that I got, my stay in Baguio was still amazing! I love the weather, the temperature, the long walks; I love everything in it! I was even tempted to find a work there if it is not for the provincial rate being implemented in the city. 

Here is my own list of the best hotels in Baguio City:

Le Monet Hotel
Budget: 6,143
Refined, secluded hotel offering an elegant restaurant, an indoor pool & a fitness center.

Azalea Hotels and Residences Baguio City
Budget: 3,686
Stylish apartments in a chic hotel with a coffee shop & a bar, plus free breakfast & parking.

Baguio Burnham Suites
Budget: 4,166
Contemporary rooms & suites in a modern hotel with free breakfast & an international restaurant.

Hotel Cosmopolitan
Budget: 1,931
Straightforward rooms in a streamlined hotel offering a complimentary breakfast buffet.

El Cielito Hotel Baguio
Budget: 2,520
Down-to-earth budget hotel featuring low-key rooms, plus a bar, a restaurant & free breakfast.

Eurotel Hotel
Budget: 1,981
Low-key choice offering colorful rooms with flat-screens, plus free breakfast & parking.

Hotel Veniz
Budget: 2,238
Casual rooms & suites in an unpretentious hotel offering free breakfast & an informal cafe.

I have not tried any of these hotels yet but was able to do some research online and so far, these hotels are receiving good comments from their clients. I will make sure to visit Baguio City again this year, hopefully before my birthday in December and I will definitely try one of these best hotels mentioned above.

Image source: Sartorial Diner

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