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I am having the hardest time when it comes to being a blogger again because life so far has been all about my career, which is good I guess. I started working with my second company for over a year now and everything is going great! My tasks and responsibilities are increasing and if things worked well, then promotion is just around the corner.

That is also the main reason why I neglected blogging.

I have been blogging since 2009 and somehow there is this feeling of having the authority in the virtual world. You can write about anything, give feedback to brands or even services you get in a daily basis and there were times where I got contacted by a Supervisor/ Manager asking for an apology. But things are different now.

Blogging is not all about writing whatever that comes into your mind. Blogging nowadays is all about niche, search engine optimization, advertorials, sponsored posts and marketing.

I miss blogging about my personal stuff without getting scared that people might judge me. I also miss posting photos of anything unedited without thinking what filter to use. Good old days and yes, I am getting old.

So now, what I am doing is bookmarking some new blogs online for my daily inspiration.

This blog will still feature some articles about fashion, skincare and grooming; all stuff that I fancy! Will also start posting some personal photos soon but this time, I will do my best to make them more presentable or what people call, artsy or instaworthy.

Maybe 3 blog posts in a week is okay or as long as I feel like writing. I don't want to feel like blogging is a task that needs to be done. After all, I am not planning to earn anything here. I just want to write what I feel and have that small chance to be heard.

So blogging, let's get it on!


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