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Hello Monday people! As much as I want to rant about Mondays, I will just try to be more positive about it. When I was a child, I really hate Monday because I don't like going to school. I also don't like the feeling when my weekend is about to end, it is like watching the world goes to an end. 

Anyway, new work week for me and this is going to be a hectic one since I will be on a training for two weeks. It is like a upgrade training for my skills at work, extra work, extra responsibility but in the end, a new opportunity for my career as an insurance guy. This training will be hard at first but I believe that I can make it!

Sunday and It's Raining

So this the very first volume of my "Sunday Currently" since I have been seeing a lot of bloggers do this every week. For this entry, I am going to write about everything that's happening or anything in my head on a Sunday.

I was about to visit my apartment today to get my TV because the old one that we got here in my partner's unit is not working anymore. I was about to go out already however, it started raining and it's only 3 pm but the view outside looks like it's already 6! I think this is the official start of rainy season in the Philippines. I love gloomy days but this time, it is not in my favor because I really need to get that TV or else I might die of boredom.

Wanting To Try Smirnoff Electric Apple and Electric Berry!

I am not really a heavy drinker but I love tasting different types of drinks with alcohol content in it. Occasional drinker, maybe. The best margarita I have tasted was way back in college when we dined in at Chili's Alabang. And also tried some cocktail drinks at Spicy Fingers Greenbelt. At home, we also drink our DIY margarita shots with tacos with friends while watching scary films.

Rainy Day Outfit Guide 2016

So this is going to be my first blog entry for this upcoming rainy day season which is surprisingly my favorite season. Don't get me wrong though, I don't like the flood, mud and traffic hassle every time it rains in the Philippines especially here in the Metro but I love it's calmness, the gloomy weather that is relaxing for me, cuddle weather and that peace of mind it gives me - makes me want to blog more; endless blogging inspirations!

Building Muscle at Home and Some Workout Linkies

After taking a break working out at a gym, I felt weaker and weaker and all muscles I have formed in 2015 turned into fats so my ever flat belly looks like a beer belly now. Since I took some supplements before for me to gain weight, the way I eat now if far different from before and I think the rate of my metabolism is also affected by my age so it is very easy for me to get some fats. I eat more these days and that is why I decided to have an active lifestyle again and work out some muscles. To get lean. I am not really aiming for that perfect boracay kind of body. All I want is to have some few cuts, biceps, triceps, chest and of course, that flat belly.

Mix & Match: Outfit for The Last Days of Summer 2016

Summer is almost over so I am kind excited about it. The reason why? Read my post from last week about it. So for guys who are still looking for summer outfits, this post is perfect for you! All items are from ZALORA so you also better visit their amazing collection of all things fashion related!

Kratos Strong Coffee Review

Kratos Strong Coffee Review
After seeing Krato's coffee TV commercial, I wanted to try it immediately so I can write a review about it unfortunately, I had a hard time searching for it. I checked it at Family Mart, 7-Eleven and even Mini Stop but was not able to find it. Not until today. I got lucky and found it at SM Aura Supermarket!

Skin Talk: Skin 101 Pore Minimizing Products

I don't settle for less when it comes to taking care of my skin especially onto my face. I hate having acne and pimple breakouts as it also affects my confidence. In this post, I will be reviewing some of the Skin 101 products I just discovered that promises to minimize face pores and so do pimple breakout.

Best of the Best Hotels in Baguio City Perfect for Weekend Getaway

It's been a while since I last visited Baguio and unfortunately, I was not able to prepare and also not aware of what to do or where to go there. Completely clueless! The time that I got out of the bus, I just went with it and I found this awful transient room that cost 1,200 per night. I really had terrible stay there. There were only 2 electrical sockets, no water heater (supposedly there is but the time that I paid, they said that it suddenly not working), no water supply early in the morning and all of my requests were delayed! This is what's going to happen if you visit Baguio unplanned. So it took me a couple of minutes to remember the name of the lodging house so I think it's okay for me to mention it here so people can avoid checking in there. The name is Ferrioni Pension House.

Weekend Please + Linkies

The corporate world is so boring as early as now I am thinking about this coming weekend. Well, I am trying my best to love what I am doing at work and believe me, it is working! Promotion is just around the corner, people are beginning to notice my presence and tasks are somewhat increasing. Maybe I just make sure that I just don't go to work just to be there; I also add quality to what I do.

Last Days of Summer 2016. Finally!!!

Finally summer is almost over! Since I graduated and start working and living all by myself in the city, I started to dislike the summer season. One of the reasons is the scorching heat of the sun starting at 8 in the morning until 5 PM, you can feel the cancerous heat non-stop. And also the summer break. There is no summer break when the company needs you and the bills just keep on going.

Let's Start The Week With These Goodvibes Typography

Happy Monday everyone! Sharing you today these amazing typography artwork by Dexa Muamar, an Indonesian artist. So if you need some goodvibes artsy typography wallpaper or just photos to start your week, well you have visited the right place online!

Sunday Hassle. Thanks Lazada!

I ordered Snow Caps L-Glutathione on LAZADA's website last Friday and got it today. It was definitely an impressive service because I did not expect that they ship products on Sunday.

I woke up at 11:50 AM, checked my phone got a message from LAZADA saying that they will be delivering my order today. They sent it at 8:00 AM while I was heavily sleeping.

Back To Blogging 101

I am having the hardest time when it comes to being a blogger again because life so far has been all about my career, which is good I guess. I started working with my second company for over a year now and everything is going great! My tasks and responsibilities are increasing and if things worked well, then promotion is just around the corner.

How to Achieve That Harry Styles' New Hair Style in 2016?

I know a lot of guys will look for some hair styling 101 after Harry Style trimmed his long precious hair last week. So for those who want to achieve the new hairstyle of Harry Styles, you have come to the right place!
Harry Styles rocking his curly long and shiny hairstyle.
A lot of people were shocked about Harry's new haircut but of course there were few who also liked the transformation. I myself liked the new one since am not really a fan of having long hair for guys. I prefer neat-looking hairstyle. Just saying.

AP24 Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste For That Whiter & Brighter Teeth

I know all of us are dreaming of that pearly white teeth but for some reason, finding the best toothpaste that actually work is extremely hard! Already tried CloseUp Diamond White  and Colgate Optic White but none of them prove what they are being advertised. 

AP24 Toothpaste promises to give you whiter teeth in just 7 days

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