OMG! ADIDAS ZX FLUX ADV Series Is Here! Brace Yourselves People!

Cannot help myself not to blog the newest collection of Adidas ZX Flux. Released way back in 2014 and since then, there were so many color combinations were released and it gets better and better. Brace yourselves for the newest addition to the ZX Flux family; Behold... Adidas ZX Flux ADV series!!!


Reviewing Snow Caps L-Glutathione Supplement

So I have been taking Snow Caps L- Glutathione Supplement for less than a week now hoping that my skin will look  healthier as I get older. My main goal why I tried glutathione supplement like Snow Caps is not to have lighter skin because as a matter of fact, I like my skin tanned or even darker; I just want it to be healthy and blemish free especially my face.

In the Philippines, it is very usual now that guys take glutathione, most of them also try gluta injections and even IV push that is more expensive but indeed effective compared to the normal gluta injections.

Some Blog Changes Coming Up!

It's been over a month since I last updated this blog because I have been so very busy with my business and full time job as well. I find it hard to juggle multiple stuff and at the same time, write some posts here. Still feeling so thankful for those who keep on visiting my blogs and pinning some of my photos on Pinterest where I get almost half of my monthly readers.

I just want to tell you that I am going to be back on blogging and this time, it is getting more personal. So this blog will turn into a beauty and lifestyle blog because I realized that editorial posts are not really that interesting for my readers. They don't want just photos. They want something more like a product review, beauty journal or personal diary about the author's point of view. I also noticed that people will be able to connect more if I write about things they have tried and will try in the future.

I will still post some of my favorites like home decors. interior inspiration and maybe some fashion editorials but not most of the time. Blog fillers, maybe?

I have bought a lot of grooming and beauty products in Watsons in the past so I will write an honest opinion about those stuff soon.

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