The Best Concealer For Dark Pimple Marks this 2016

I have been looking for the best concealers that I can feature here on the blog and I am glad I saw some of them and I think I am also gonna try what works for me since I am not really happy with what I am using now.
The Best Concealer For Dark Pimple Marks this 2016
Here are some of the best concealers for dark pimple marks in 2015 and I know will still be the best ones this year.

This super creamy concealer is "nothing short of fabulous," says one reader. The price may be a bit of turnoff, but reviewers say, "it is perfect" and "blends into skin beautifully" as it covers imperfections. "This is the best concealer I've ever used," writes one reviewer, who claims it is "worth every penny."

"This is a winner from Maybelline New York all the way," raves one reviewer, who loves that this concealer has "an effective applicator brush and a very smooth, lightweight but substantive consistency." Another reviewer calls this product "magic" because it "provides great coverage" and "blends well." 

This concealer is "a must in every gal's beauty kit," says one reviewer. "I've been using this for years, and there simply isn't a better concealer out there," adds another. In addition to the coverage, reviewers are enamored with the way this product goes on -- "it applies as a cream and dries to a matte, powder-like finish." 

Readers say this concealer is "silky, blends perfectly, covers completely" and is a "miracle worker." They rave that this product makes "dark circles and blemishes disappear for the entire day." What more could a girl want from a concealer? 

"I have been using this product for 26 years, and I will continue to use it," says one longtime user of the product. "The finish is smooth and clean, coverage is great, it hides all your problem areas and it lasts a long time." Another reader is a fan of this Clinique concealer because it is "a great product to cover any blemishes or discolorations," and is "small and very easy to carry in your purse." 

This concealer wowed our reviewers because it "goes on smooth and doesn't crease." Readers also appreciate that it's effective and eco-friendly, as it's made from all-natural ingredients. "You can't beat the coverage," says one reviewer. "I highly recommend this product." 

According to one reviewer, "This is going to change your opinion of what a concealer should be like!" Others agree, saying it delivers amazing coverage and has a smooth application. "This is the best concealer I have tried so far. It covers very well and is long lasting," says one reader. 

One reader called this "the best under eye concealer ever" because it "not only it covers your dark under eyes, it gets rid of any bags and it doesn't crease, at all." Plus, reviewers love that a little bit of this creamy, pigmented concealer goes a long way. "I love that it doesn't settle into fine lines," says one reviewer. "This stuff is worth the price!" 

Our reviewers are calling this multi-tasking concealer a "must-have for all," because it offers "long-lasting wear and easy application." It's become a reader favorite because "it covers up all blemishes" and it can be used underneath the eyes to "cover up dark circles." To boot, "It goes on really smooth and really soaks into the skin. It doesn't make your acne flare ... which is always a bonus," says another user. 

This lightly tinted eye brightener is perfect for a quick pick-me-up. Readers love that this concealer "looks very natural" and "brightens the eyes," giving skin a "fresh, youthful appearance." One reader says, "It instantly brightens the eye area and disguises any problems under the eye ... this is a keeper!" 

If you are a guy and also looking for the best concealers to hide those ugly pimple marks and other dark spots on your face, feel free to try some of the products below since there is really no difference if you are using a product that is mainly for women

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  1. This is a very helpful post... My bro needs a very powerful concealer for his makeup tutorials and guess I'd recommend these... They sound like very worth the price! Thumbs up for this post :)

    Summerglee |

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Joanna! xo


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