Kojic Acid Soap To Minimize Large Pores On The Face

I know a lot of you guys are still looking for something that can minimize large face pores and I feel you. It's been my problem ever since and I think I have tried almost all products for men and women like beauty cream and facial astringents with different kinds of beads but they did not work. Until I tried this kojic acid soap from Dr. Alvin's Skin Care Formula.

Kojic Acid Soap To Minimize Large Pores On The Face

I learned something about this product after seeing one of my friend's face peeling one day and few days after, I noticed that her face is becoming lighter and smoother as if she has concealer or foundation on it. So I asked the name of the product and after a few minutes, I decided to give it a try.

Kojic Acid Soap To Minimize Large Pores On The Face
I bought the whole set of Dr. Alvin's Professional Skin Care Formula with Kojic acid soap, sunblock cream, toner and moisturizer cream. This is not my official review because I am not yet done with the 30-day period.
The effect of the soap is it will cleanse and micro peels some dead skin cells on our faces. It is like using Maxi Peel but in a safer way.

As of today, I have been using the product for 13 days now and I notice that my facial pores are becoming tighter and smaller than the usual. However, I must tell you that it is kind of painful especially if you are not fond of using micro-peeling products. AND AVOID DIRECT EXPOSURE FROM THE SUN!

I will be posting some before and after photos of myself but if you are interested with Dr. Alvin's kojic acid soap, you can buy it from LAZADA. I bought mine for 500 pesos but I found one in LAZADA for only 350 pesos.

If you are interested will all Dr. Alvin's skin care products, feel free to browse LAZADA's website. You can also read my recent post about the best glutathione capsules in the Philippines. If you have questions, feel free to leave me a comment or hit me an email at deejblogs@gmail.com. This is not a sponsored post.


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