EDITOR'S GUIDE: Can Men Use Beauty Products for Women?

On one of the forums I have just read online, a guy's dilemma of finding skin care products for men like night cream, anti-wrinkle cream, pore minimizer solutions and some other products that can usually be found on women's section at the mall or in most of the online shops. So he asked, can men use women's beauty/facial care products?

Can Men Use Beauty Products for Women?

The answer is still indefinite though. Scientifically speaking, Men's skin tend to produce more oil than on women so technically, skin care products must be used separately.
 On the other hand, if you go let's say for example to a dermatologist, he/she will not prescribe you a specific product that has a label for men or women. According to Style Caster, a website that also tackles the same topic, the only difference of a women's beauty product to men's is the smell because there are people who are more particular with the smell of the solution that they are using like for example in a shampoo; that has the same main ingredient. It makes sense though.

Personally, I have used both products for men and women but they are all the same. I have been using BB cream, CC cream, liquid foundation, concealer cream for women, same as beauty bar soap but still achieved the same effect. 

But I think it is still a case to case basis. It has something to do with the type of skin so better if you check yours first.

This also leads me to a new blog post idea: Beauty products like BB creamCC cream, liquid foundationconcealer cream for women that men can also use to hide those ugly pimples.

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