Trussardi Spring Summer 2016 Eyewear Campaign Feat. Rhys Pickering

Trussardi Spring Summer 2016 Eyewear Campaign
 Trussardi Spring Summer 2016 Eyewear Campaign
Model: Rhys Pickering
Photographer: Talia Chetrit
Stylist: Tanya Jones
Hair and Makeup: Marki Shkreli & Tiziana Raimondo
Trussardi Spring Summer 2016 Eyewear Campaign

Images via designsfever

Face Icing: Side Effects of Putting Ice Cube Onto Your Face

Large open pore on the face is one of the most common problem people are facing up until now and these large pores can actually cause pimples all over the face as it attracts more and more amount of dirt getting inside those pores - causing clogged skin pores and eventually, pimple breakdown. And this is an unending cycle; unless, you can find a better way of minimizing those pores.
ice cube on face to minimize face pores

Bally Spring Summer 2016 Featuring Clement Chabernaud

Bally Spring Summer 2016 Featuring Clement Chabernaud
Model: Clement Chabernaud
Photographed by: Alasdair McLellan
Directed by: Franck Durand
For Bally's Spring Summer 2016 Menswear

Amazing Wallpaper Design for Dull Room

How do you make this dull space more interesting and inviting?
Sometimes, white walls in large spaces can be plain and boring especially of there is no twist on it and I know it can be really frustrating especially if you are designing spaces like this. For me, it is more easy to put some spice in a tiny space than in a large room. But with these amazing wallpapers I have seen online, I am sure boring rooms will never be one anymore!

Pure Bliss

Featuring Nicola Haffmans of View Management poses for Telva magazine 2016. Photographed by Tomás De La Fuente; styled by Gabriela Bilbao; hair & make-up by Marina Alejandre.

The Best Concealer For Dark Pimple Marks this 2016

I have been looking for the best concealers that I can feature here on the blog and I am glad I saw some of them and I think I am also gonna try what works for me since I am not really happy with what I am using now.
The Best Concealer For Dark Pimple Marks this 2016
Here are some of the best concealers for dark pimple marks in 2015 and I know will still be the best ones this year.

White Walls. White Everything

White Walls. White Everything
 My heart was captured by these pleasant minimal interiors I saw online. This will be added on my condo design ideas since white walls are my weakness when it comes to designing spaces.. Specially the tiny ones.

EDITOR'S PICK: Kawayan Watches

Saw these cool watches made out of bamboo. I think these items can be a good gift idea this coming love month.
Kawayan Watches
 If you are looking for some gift idea for your loved ones in all occassion, make sure to check these super cool "kawayan watches" out!

Prom Guide: Outfit for Men this Prom 2016

I am sure all of you guys are stressed out looking for the best outfit, hairstyle and even accessories this coming prom season that is why I decided to come up with a "Prom Guide" where you can find some prom inspirations this 2016. It's only going to happen twice in your life so make sure that it going to matter!

 Outfit for Men this Prom 2016

Featuring you Dolce & Gabbana's spring/ summer 2016 collection. Finding new ways to express a modern idea of elegance, the fashion house reinvents one of the most recognizable menswear looks: the tuxedo. Playing with a rich palette of colors, that goes from delicate pastel tones to vibrant nuances and mixing fabrics and exclusive details, in order to define modern refinement, the fashion house provides a selection of covetable numbers, which are the best expression of Dolce & Gabbana’s sartorial expertise.

 Outfit for Men this Prom 2016

 Outfit for Men this Prom 2016

 Outfit for Men this Prom 2016

 Outfit for Men this Prom 2016

 Outfit for Men this Prom 2016

 Outfit for Men this Prom 2016


Choosing the best outfit for guys this prom season is kind of hard because there are a lot of options to choose from. You can go for the basic but if you want something more, then you can go for the elegant ones like wearing a tuxedo for example. Just a tip, it is all about you wearing the outfit. It's all about the fitting. If it is comfortable, then go with it. It is okay to experiment but never trade style to comfort!

Out of the Desert

Adam Senn is a solitary charmer for GQ Australia this February 2016 Issue.

 Against the bleached backdrop of California's outer limits. Luxury textures combined with neutral tones.

Filip Hrivnak for Emporio Armani Spring/Summer Eyewear Campaign 2016

Emporio Armani's latest featured model for their Spring/ Summer Eyewear campaign is none other than Filip Hrivnak.

Emporio Armani Spring/Summer Eyewear Campaign 2016

An Amazing Loft in Berlin

An Amazing Loft in Berlin

 This is indeed an amazing loft! Black & White concept is my weakness and this is another perfect idea for my condo design collection on the blog.

EDITOR'S PICK: ASOS Leather Bracelet Pack in Black

Welcome to the Editor's Pick of the blog where I feature some of the products I find amusing. If ever you are interested, feel free to shop the specific item now. 

Real leather bands
Variety of designs
Sliver-tone pendant
40% Cotton, 40% Real leather, 20% Wood
Pack of four

Warm Home

 Everything in this house is simply breathtaking! I am a huge fan of minimal designs but this one stands out.

Cozy Winter

For those people who are experiencing winter, it is very important to wear cozy outfits during these days and make sure to prepare all your winter clothes because this cold season is going to last long.
cozy winter style outfit for men
 So be ready with all your fur coat, leather jackets, pullovers and I am sure during winter season, you will master the art of mixing and matching clothes. Layering as they say.

Small Condo Design Idea: Pure Aesthetics.

Condo living is what's in these days here in the Philippines especially in Metro Manila so in this post, I am going to share some of the best condo ideas that are perfect for small spaces.

Small Condo Design Idea: Pure Aesthetics.

 If your condo is not just big, the perfect trick is by means of white walls - black and white motif is what I can suggest because this will make the space look bigger than usual. 

Versace Men's Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

Versace Men's Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign

Italian luxury label Versace finally releases its complete spring/summer 2016 campaign for men. Models Benjamin BenedekNathaniel Visser & Lukasz Grabowski are definitely standouts for this season, showing their toned and tanned bodies under the sun. Hair by Jimmy Paul and makeup by Lucia Pieroni.

Kojic Acid Soap To Minimize Large Pores On The Face

I know a lot of you guys are still looking for something that can minimize large face pores and I feel you. It's been my problem ever since and I think I have tried almost all products for men and women like beauty cream and facial astringents with different kinds of beads but they did not work. Until I tried this kojic acid soap from Dr. Alvin's Skin Care Formula.

Kojic Acid Soap To Minimize Large Pores On The Face

I learned something about this product after seeing one of my friend's face peeling one day and few days after, I noticed that her face is becoming lighter and smoother as if she has concealer or foundation on it. So I asked the name of the product and after a few minutes, I decided to give it a try.

Some of the Best Glutathione Capsules for Whiter & Fairer Skin

Believe it or not, Philippines (next is Ghana and UAE) is the second country that is searching for the best glutathione capsules using different search engines that is why I decided to create a post where you can find and buy some of them online.

Glutathione is a substance produced naturally by the liver. It is also found in fruits, vegetables, and meats. It is involved in many processes in the body, including tissue building and repair, making chemicals and proteins needed in the body, and for the immune system.

EDITOR'S PICK: New Balance 530 Premium Black

New Balance 530 Premium Black

After dropping the lighter iteration back in December of last year, New Balance unveils the “Black” colorway from the 530 Premium ”Athleisure” pack. Like its counterpart this version boasts a perforated leather upper with tonal suede overlays, and a contrasting ABZORB midsole unit for increased comfort. The toned-down design is finished off with a gum outsole and white NB branding throughout. (HYPEBEAST)

EDITORIAL: Lucky Blue Smith for Marie Claire January 2016

Lucky Blue Smith for Marie Claire January 2016
Lucky Blue Smith poses for the latest issue of Marie Claire 2016. Photographed by Beau Grealy and styled by Alison Edmond. Take a look with his fun shots at the beach surrounded by gorgeous youth.

2016 Hairstyle Inspirations: The Best Korean Hairstyles for Men

Are you enjoying the blog's K-POP series already? If you missed some of my previous entries, feel free to go to the homepage and back-read some few pages.

The Best Korean Hairstyles this 2016 for Men

What I like about Korean hairstyle is that it looks very natural. I love their natural longer hair and the texture, side bangs and everything about it! It all fits together.

EDITOR'S GUIDE: Can Men Use Beauty Products for Women?

On one of the forums I have just read online, a guy's dilemma of finding skin care products for men like night cream, anti-wrinkle cream, pore minimizer solutions and some other products that can usually be found on women's section at the mall or in most of the online shops. So he asked, can men use women's beauty/facial care products?

Can Men Use Beauty Products for Women?

The answer is still indefinite though. Scientifically speaking, Men's skin tend to produce more oil than on women so technically, skin care products must be used separately.

EDITOR'S GUIDE: Effective Ways on How To Minimize Large Face Pores

Effective Ways on How To Minimize Large Face Pores

Face pores will always be on our skin however, having large face pores can be very disturbing as it absorbs more dirt that causes blackheads and pimples that can really ruin our look. So if you are looking for some ways on how to close large face pores or at least minimize them, then read on and follow these steps that I also found online.

EDITOR'S PICK: Erb and Chet Shoes for the Modern Guy!

 Erb and Chet
Can't help not to share these amazing shoe collection from ERB and CHET. If you are looking for some local-made shoes with class and quality, this is the right brand for you! They have different kind of shoes from Deck Shoes, Lofts and Modern Brogues that I surely love! and for the price, it ranges from 2,500 to 4,000 pesos. Not bad for a pair of shoe that you can use everyday. They also have button-downs and bags.

2016 Hairstyle Inspiration for Women with Short Hair

For women for are sick and tired of maintaining their longer hair, maybe 2016 is the perfect year where you just cut it off and start rocking a short hairstyle. I have seen some of my colleagues with long hair cut it off and the result was amazing. They also noticed that it brings them another level of self-confidence and power

hairstyles for women with short hair

So for today's post, I will be featuring some of the most amazing hairstyles for women with short hair that you can try this 2016.

2016 Hairstyle Inspirations: For Men with Short and Medium Hair

Starting the first week of January with some hairstyle inspirations for men with short and medium hair. According a one of the Men's website, what is going to trend this year is longer hair for guys just like in 2015 but for office guys who like to maintain that professional look, you can still rock a hairstyle with your short to medium hair without forgetting the texture.

2016 Men Hairstyles

2016 Fashion Inspiration: Korean Fashion Style for Men

For the next blog posts that I am going to publish, I am going to feature something about Korean style since I have been getting questions about it lately. Korean fashion style is all about layering and do not forget the pullovers for guys. This type of style is perfect for countries with cold weathers like in Korea for example. 

korean fashion style

Hairstyle 2016 Ideas: Trending Hairstyles for Short-Haired Guys

Hairstyle 2016 Ideas: Trending Hairstyles for Short-Haired Guys
Starting my post for 2016 with these amazing hairstyle ideas for guys with short hair. Keeping a short hair for guys is very easy however, styling it is another thing so if you are planning to have a new look this year, then choose what you like or try to play with it until you find what fits for you. You can read some tips on choosing the best hairstyle for you according to the shape of your head.

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