Workout Routine Diary: Chest

Another blogging series I have decided to come up with since I have been working out for quite sometime now and this will also serve as my personal journal and guide at the same time. This will surely be a lot helpful for people who are planning to go to gym and never experienced working out in the past.

So for today's workout routine, we will talk about "The Chest". Here are some routines we can do to get rid of man-boobs and have that oh-so-good chest that ladies definitely love!

PLYO PUSHUP - Get into pushup position and lower your body until your chest is about an inch above the floor. Explosively push yourself up so that your hands leave the floor and your body rises into the air. Clap your hands in midair, “catch” yourself on the way down, and use the momentum to begin the next rep.

DUMBBELL BENCH PRESS - Lie back on a flat bench with a dumbbell in each hand. Explosively press the weights straight over your chest, squeeze the dumbbells together at the top for a second, and then take three seconds to lower the weights down to shoulder level.

FEET-ELEVATED PUSHUP - Elevate your feet on a box or step and get into pushup position. Take three seconds to lower yourself down, pause at the bottom, and then explosively push yourself up. If that’s too easy, have a friend place a weight plate on your back or wear a weighted vest. Don’t let your lower back sag at any point. 

CROSSOVER PUSHUP - Get into pushup position placing your right hand on an aerobics step. Perform a pushup, then quickly push over the step, switching hands so that your right is on the floor and your left is on the step. Perform another pushup. 

BENCH PRESS - Hold the bar with an overhand, outside-shoulder-width grip. Your shoulder blades should be squeezed together and your back arched. Lower it to just below your sternum. Push your feet hard into the floor to help you press the weight back up.

INCLINED DUMBBELL PRESS - Set an adjustable bench to a 45-degree incline, grab a dumbbell in each hand, and sit on the bench, holding the weights at the sides of your chest. Press the dumbbells straight overhead. Do not bang the weights at the top.

So there you go, just follow the easy workout routine I have mentioned above. You can do 15-20 reps to see immediate result. For some photos, you can visit this.


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  2. nice series! good idea since it's something you're really passionate about.


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