EDITOR'S GUIDE: Gym Membership Rates 2015, Your Ultimate Guide in Finding the Perfect Gym for You

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gym guide 2015
 Still looking for the perfect gym for you? Are you conscious about the gym environment or the rates? Worry no more because this post will help you find that gym where you can apply as a member for good, maybe. Mostly helpful for guys in Manila or Makati, Philippines area only.


Lifestyle (For 12 months contract)
2,995 Pesos per month
One-time joining fee of 2,000 Pesos
One-time admin fee of 1,500 Pesos
(Optional: Body First Kit that includes workout and meal plans): 2,100 Pesos

Premier (For 5 months contract)
3,295 Pesos per month
One-time joining fee of 3,000 Pesos
One-time admin fee of 1,500 Pesos
(Optional: Body First Kit that includes workout and meal plans): 2,100 Pesos


Six Month Contract
14,500 Pesos (if paid full in cash)
If paid through credit card, 2,416 Pesos per month
Unlimited Visits
Valid for one branch only

One Year Contract
18,500 (if paid full in cash)
If paid through credit card, 1,541 Pesos per month
144 visits per year to home branch +  up to 12 visits each to other branches (that is roughly 3 gym visits per week)
With 3 Personal Training Sessions: Orientation, BMI, and Program


I think Slimmers World has the most affordable offer since they have different kinds of promo every month and the prices are not fixed (It varies on the ongoing promo they have ).

Six Month Contract
6,868 Pesos for six months if paid in cash and in full. This means around 1,145 Pesos per month.

One Year Contract
9,234 Pesos for 12 months if paid in cash and in full. That is equivalent to around 770 Pesos per month.

Just a tip...

Before you pay for a membership fee in a certain gym, take time to look for some discount coupon from websites like Ensogo, Beeconomic, Metrodeal etc as they give up to 70% off for a membership fee. I am telling you, saving money for a gym membership made so easy!

You can also look for some nearby gyms around your area so you can save thousands of money for a gym membership fee. Nearby gyms are not that good compared to these three major fitness centers in the Metro but still, has the same effect. All you need to know are the basics and proper way of using the equipment.  [source]

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If you have gym related inquiries, do not hesitate to email me at info.foxmystyle@gmail.com. 


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