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Happy 1st of February everyone! Still busy with personal stuff around my new place and finishing a lot of projects lately and that includes transferring of my tax information from the previous city where I lived in for almost 3 years. But after this month, I can promise that things will be easier for me and updating all the blogs I have got will never be a problem. And needless to say, the unstable internet connection I have in my new place is also stressing me out!
great find
Well, for today's product, I have seen this cool pirate corkscrew for only £12.00. If you have some free time, take a look all of these amazing stuff/ blog entries worth checking out in case you have missed it.

1. I just realized that personal blogging is not really my thing but reading this blog makes me want to start a new one but with different outlook in life. There will be rants but less of me and that is for sure!
2. Digging the newest collection of Penshoppe this Summer 2015.
3. Room decoration made cheap in the Philippines! Thanks to Lazada for making this possible.
4. This iPhone case is very awesome, I must say.
5. Planning of growing some mint plants indoor? This is a must read!
6. Drinking out tonight? Better read this article about the 7 new beers you must know.
7. Still dreaming of having this flamestower so I can recharge my phones anywhere I want.
8. This collection of minimal workplace. Combination of black & white and more green stuff!
9. You will never look at mason jars the way you did in the past.
10. Loving the rugged look of Adam Levine for "The Voice" mad max themed superbowl commercial.


  1. Love this pirate corkscrew! So cool!

  2. i love the pics u choose on ur bog the text its very good love it.


  3. That is the cutest :)


  4. Wau! That product looks fantastic! Good present for my husband ;) thanks for sharing this with is<3 noora/www.noorajatuukka.blogspot.fi

  5. Oh man, pirate corkscrew woo!

    That phone case looks amazing too :)

    Corinne x


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