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Hello everyone! I am sorry for the lack of update because right now I am in the process of sorting things out with regards to my new place. I officially moved in here last Monday (01-19-15) and so far, so good. Finally found a gym where I can workout without being surrounded by some intimidating muscular guys.

busy male model editorial

Everything is doing great except for one important thing. My internet connection is toooo slow I cannot even load a google page. HOW WAS THAT?!

I am now thinking of cutting off my postpaid plan and choose a better one but first, I still need to check if the signal is good here in my place. Choosing the best internet plan here in the Philippines is such a pain in the a$$. [image]


  1. So style! I love it!!!!!! I want all hahaha
    Fantastic post!

  2. These photos are insanely cool!


  3. I've been experiencing the same issue with my internet connection lately. I'm also thinking of changing my internet plans too but then again, the competitor company doesn't have a good feedback either. I don't think there's any decent internet provider here in the Philippines. It sucks!

  4. hey - following you on bloglovin now :) thanks for stopping by my blog too. i'll be back for sure!


  5. Very nice post. Great pictures.
    On my blog a new outfit! Your opinion is very important to me.
    I invite you and best regards. ~

  6. Oh very gorgeous style


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