EDITOR'S GUIDE: College Students Hairstyle for 2015

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In College, hairstyle is not a big deal. You can actually do anything with your hair not unless you are studying in a University that is particular with it. I have been receiving a lot of emails and queries about hair styling tips and inspirations for guys in college so I am here to give you some of my ideas about it.

But before anything else, you must read the recent article I have posted that will definitely help you in finding the perfect style you can do to your hair depending on the shape of your head.

In this post, I am going to focus on hairstyles for guys with short and medium hair since we can only do limited styles for longer hair and also, this post will also be helpful for those guys who can only work with their hair in a minimal basis.

I am always a fan of matrix cut with texture since this 2015, everything is all about textures! That is a hint. It is the style that is shaved on both sides with longer top hair styled with hair wax. Here's a step by step guide on how to do it guided with photos.
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You can also experiment if you like by styling it like one of those actors in Asian TV series. This time, it is about medium hair with bangs and of course, texture.
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Hairstyling for guys this 2015 is not something different from the previous years, there might be some changes but it is not really that crucial.

Always remember that it is all about the texture and also important to know the type of haircut you should have depending on the shape of your head.

Stay updated because I am going to blog more that is related to this topic. Hairstyling 101 for 2015 series is on!


  1. Great post and good advice. Great styles in the above.
    Happy New Year

  2. Great blog! You really do have a lot to tell men.
    I totally like the look on the second photo (the left one)!

    Much love

  3. Totally agree! I love the hairstyle on the second photo!!
    quite sexy!

    Wish you and your beloved a happy new year, good luck and health!
    xoxo Colli || TOBEYOUTIFUL

  4. Beautiful suggestion dear!!!! Check out my blog when u have time, today is first birthday of my blog!!! Have a nice day, kisses,


  5. I love both of these styles! Great post :)


  6. great post!!!


  7. Nice post!!


  8. The second one.shame I don't have hair for this type of hairstyle :/
    Thanks for sharing,
    Have a great day, man,

    1. Don't worry, Mike. Your hair looks cool!

  9. I can't resist a boy with cute bangs lol It's great to see a blogger like you, who shares interesting informations for men^^ I'm following you now on bloglovin and I can't wait for more posts c:

  10. I like it when men take good care of their hairstyles!



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