Editorial: Eating Arcimboldo

Sharing you today this amazing set of photo editorial exclusive from FY entitled "Eating Arcimboldo".

EDITOR'S PICK: Flamestower

Another great item I have seen online while browsing today. This is perfect for people who love to camp out without getting worried about their smartphones and other gadgets. With this Flamestower, you can recharge your phone just by having a fire going. Very convenient indeed! The device will absorb the heat from the fire and converts it as an electricity to charge the equipment without damaging it. Buy it for only $90.00 with free shipping on Amazon.

Editorial: Into The Night

Night out is one of the things I'd love to do whenever I am stressed out at work or just want to chill out a bit. What is more refreshing than a cold drink and dancing lights?

Editorial: Lost in Translation

men's editorial
If there is a fashion editorial that will describe what I am feeling right now, this would definitely be it! "Lost in Translation" by David Urbanke.

The New Guy In Town

terron wood, busy male model, editorial

Hello everyone! I am sorry for the lack of update because right now I am in the process of sorting things out with regards to my new place. I officially moved in here last Monday (01-19-15) and so far, so good. Finally found a gym where I can workout without being surrounded by some intimidating muscular guys.

EDITOR'S PICK: Leaning Loop Wood Entryway Organizer

furniture, minimal, room decor
All of us like to have clean and as much as possible, minimal kind of room whether it is a big or small one (in my case, it is the latter part). So if you are also like me who has this tiny space to live in, it is indeed a must to have some home furniture or tools that can help us organize our stuff. This leaning loop wood entryway organizer is definitely a must for all of us!

Not In The Mood

male model frowning, sad, fierce
Despite the fact that today is Monday, a lot of things happened lately. Parents with little sister went back to Brussels and have to wait three more years before they go back here in the Philippines, and it also means that my month-long vacation from working in a corporate industry is over; welcome back to the real world for me starting today. Not really in the mood of going out and do things again and again.

Prom Essentials for Guys this 2015

This is a part of our Valentine's Day blogging series where I am going to post some helpful articles about different set of gift guides and of course, outfits for prom dates this 2015. If you have extra time, you can visit the entry I have posted last night. It is perfect for someone who is looking for some gift ideas for men this coming Valentine's Day.
prom clothes for guys, men outfit prom
Simple yet stunning outfit and items you can directly purchase on the shop. Good thing is I have handpicked some of the items on sale so you can still save some dollars.

Sunday Room Tour: Ideas and Decorations for VERY Small Spaces

 room idea, very small rooms
I cannot believe that it's Sunday again and it only means that, I am gonna be featuring some cool rooms that we both can use as an inspiration since I am still in the process of decorating my new pad in Taguig. But before we start, I just want to thank you all for supporting my first ever post about Sunday Room Tour because it had a blast! As a matter of fact, it is still the most read blog post for this week! That was so unexpected.

Valentine's Day 2015 Gift Guide for Guys

As for preparation for the sweetest month of the year, I am going to feature some Valentine's Day 2015 Gift Guide series just like what I did for the holidays. I will feature some of the products I saw online that I think perfect as a gift for your loved ones this coming February. 
valentines 2015, gift guide for guys,

Ready To Get Wild with SM Accessories

xian lim goes wild, sm accessories 2015
Sharing you today the newest collections of SM Accessories that will ready you for Summer 2015! Going to a festival-themed party this summer like coachella? Well, do not forget these must-have items for guys before you rave all day and all night.

EDITOR'S PICK: The SKEYE Nano Drone, World's Smallest Quadcopter

nano drone, quadcopter, philippines
Today's pick is perfect for people who just love capturing things in a bird's eye-view without all of the hassles of using different tools. Featuring, the SKEYE nano drone, world's smallest quadcopter so far.

Coachella Fashion for Men and Women this 2015!

coachella 2015, fashion, trend
Aaaah. Coachella, one of the must-visit this summer 2015 where you can see amazing bands play their hearts out. So if you are planning to go this year's coachella, then do not forget your outfit or I must say, OOTD.

Sunday Room Tour: Black & White for Very Tiny Spaces

room tour
So I decided to make another blogging series about my other frustration which is interior designing and since I just move into a new place, I am also compiling some minimal room ideas that I can use as an inspiration. I like black and white and uncluttered room so here in Sunday Room Tour, I am going to share you guys some of my picks. Hope you guys like it as much as I do.

EDITOR'S PICK: Affordable Timex Watches Including Ironman Series

timex, ironman, triathlon watches
Spotted these affordable ironman watches from Timex Canada's website that you can give as a present for your loved ones this 2015. Searching for the best gift guide for men? Worry no more because your search will end here on the blog.

EDITOR'S PICK: USA Made Accessories By Owen & Fred

owen and fred, usa brand
Featuring you today some amazing accessories from Owen & Fred. I saw their website while browsing the internet looking for something to blog about here on the blog. 

EDITOR'S GUIDE: College Students Hairstyle for 2015

men's hairstyle, college, short hair, 2015
In College, hairstyle is not a big deal. You can actually do anything with your hair not unless you are studying in a University that is particular with it. I have been receiving a lot of emails and queries about hair styling tips and inspirations for guys in college so I am here to give you some of my ideas about it.

EDITOR'S GUIDE: Hair-styling Tips for Men this 2015 with a Cool Info-graph

men's hairstyle, styling, hair for guys, 2015
Hello guys! This is just going to be a quick post about this info-graph I have found and shared on my facebook account as well. Sharing you today this cool photo that shows some tips about men's hair-styling this 2015.

Different Kinds of Men's Fashion with Invaluable Rings

ring, men's ring, invaluable
Hello you stunning creatures! First of all, I want to greet you all a happy new year! I am wishing all the best this year hopefully all your plans and dreams will come true this 2015. As for me, things are getting pretty exciting as I moved into a apartment in one of the best and ideal cities to live in the Philippines and also, I am going to start a new job only 10 minute away from my new pad. I cannot believe myself saying this but hell yes, I am definitely excited with everything!

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