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According to survey, more and more people in Asia especially in the Philippines, are buying grooming products which is uncommon in the past years where only few guys use such vanity products. Well I can say grooming products not more than 5.

So we asked men in Asia behind the survey and according to most of them. Men love to please the ladies and as much as possible, staying clean and well-groomed is the first step towards their main goal. On top of that, they also want to feel good about themselves which is true. Personally speaking, being well-groomed is not all about pleasing others; it is also about looking good and feeling great in our skin.

To give you numbers, here is another interesting result coming from Kantar Worldpanel survey:
72% of guys agree that grooming is important for their jobs
67% believe that grooming is an indication of a man’s social status
85% of men in Metro Manila strongly agree that looking good is important in their careers.

So let us evaluate the Top 5 grooming products for men both in whole Asia and specifically in the Philippines.

In Asia
  1. Blades/Razors (92%)
  2. Shampoo (91%)
  3. Bar Soap (72%)
  4. Skincare (70%)
  5. Shower Gel (55%)

In The Philippines
  1. Bar Soap (94%)
  2. Shampoo (92%)
  3. Blades/Razors (88%)
  4. Deodorants (73%)
  5. Colognes (71%)

We notice that most men in the Philippines only use the basic grooming products but in general, both are also somehow similar. We are all in the same country in the first place. In some cities here in the Philippines, let us say Metro Manila and Makati, guys also put concealers/ foundations on their faces on top of the products I have mentioned previously, which is very common nowadays.

So what do you think? Do you buy a lot of grooming products as well? 

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