Holiday 2014 Gift Guide: Stunning Planners for 2015, Better Than Planners in Your Fave Coffee Shop!

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I know it is kind of too late but if ever you are still looking for some gifts for your loved ones this holiday 2014, I still do have some suggestions in my mind. Previously, I have featured some gift guides for muscle builders, gym goers, smartphone lovers and time keepers and today, I am going to feature some product that you might find interesting for someone who likes keeping things in schedule.

Planners for the year 2015 is quite over the top these days and I am seeing a lot of my friends going crazy collecting some coffee stickers for their planner that's been going on since forever. I mean spending more than 2,000 pesos for coffee and a planner is okay but not practical at all. Needless to say, I was able to buy my very own Starbucks planner 2015 for only 1,500 pesos from a dealer online and I am also seeing better planners that are way cheaper compared to your favorite coffee shop's gift item.
gift guide, idea, planner 2015

First on my list is "The Daykeeper Datebook". In fact, the photo above the cut is from their planner collection and I am definitely digging it! Tried visiting their Facebook page and the design is quite amazing. Their item is ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 pesos depending on your choice and mode of order.

planner 2015, belle de jour
Belle de Jour is something perfect for your female friends because it is too girly. Good thing is, they are quite affordable for only 698 pesos. You can get one in Fully Booked, National Bookstore and Powerbooks.

planner 2015, gift guide
Design Your Life Planner also has fun and interactive 2015 planner ready for pickup! For only 530 pesos, you can have it for you or/and loved ones! 

Other Cool Planner 2015 you can check out:
Signature Chromatic diary / The Moleskine planners / Star Wars series/ Papemelroti pocket-planners / The Doodle planner / Everything is Possible / Victoria Modo Arte Journals / Modo Arte Vintage Vogue Victoria Journals / Leuchtturm1917 planners / Seattle’s Best Coffee Dream Journal / Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: The Giving Journal / Navi 2015 / Tomato Journal

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  1. I def get me a planner for 2015 for my blog, I never tought I could be so confused about the blogging thing, but I MUST coordinate my posts and appointments better in 2015!

    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful

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  3. Nice proposal and post !!



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