Holiday 2014 Gift Guide: For Gym Goers

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A little tribute for guys who religiously go to gym building muscles and develop that six-pack abs that is to die for! I collected some amazing products that you can purchase that are perfect for gym goers. 

primal kettlebells
The distribution of weight makes the kettlebell a superior piece of workout equipment for functional fitness. After learning some techniques, you can get a full-body workout with just one or two. These Primal Bells just add a little style to that workout. [purchase for $42+]

fitbit flex
This slim, stylish device is with you all the time. During the day, it tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep quality and wakes you silently in the morning. Just check out the lights to see how you stack up against your personal goal. It’s the motivation you need to get out and be more active. [purchase for $99.95]

mizuno gyn workout bag
Keep your essential sports gear stowed in this Medium-sized Boston Bag from Mizuno. With its sporty aesthetic, spacious capacity, and easy functionality, it's the perfect holdall for the gym, court, or the track. [purchase for $46+]

Found this super comfy grey shorts from Naughty Ninja. Stay fashionable while working out and the best thing is, it is less than $10.00! [purchase for $9.00]

So what do you think about these items I have found online? We still have few more days to go before Christmas so gift shopping is not yet late. Don't lose hope, guys! :)

This post includes affiliate links. If you click on those links and actually bought the product, I will be getting some commission that will keep this blog up and running. Thank you so much for reading and happy shopping everyone!

[image source: mensfitness]


  1. Another great post..! *thumbs up*.. sure is helpful! ;)

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  2. Nice gift! following your blog

  3. Such great ideas! Thank you for your comment on my blog!! I am now following you too!



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