Holiday 2014 Gift Guide: Amazing Watches for Him

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I must say that writing about gift guide is quite fun since I have been receiving comments and feedback about my recent articles from friends, relatives and random people from the world wide web. Today, I am going to feature amazing set of watches for Men.

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Choosing the right watch for Men is kind of tricky because you have to check on the way it looks; if it is going to match the lifestyle of the person who will wear it. Like for example, you can buy a watch for sporty person by making sure if the material used for the watch it lighter and of course, resistant to extreme activities. There are also watches perfect for corporate setting. Or you can also pick both in just one device. 

Referencing European dive watches from the '50s and '60s, our Retro Traveler watch in a smoky stainless steel is a classic addition to every well-dressed man's arsenal of style. This Retro Traveler watch also features a chronograph movement on a stainless steel bracelet. 

Tom Carter
The Special “Tio Ellinas” Edition is designed for the adrenaline enthusiasts that are all about precision and speed. Specifically designed for distinguished Formula Race Car driver Tio Ellinas, these watch designs are available in Stainless Steel and triple AAA PVD Rose Gold; they are perfectly made for action, sport, and accomplishment. The Carbon Fiber face of the “Tio Ellinas” edition signs the ambassadors personal touch embraced in sleek design.

Tom Carter
Vanguard Brown [$251.09]
The Leather “Vanguard” is the ideal conventional unconventional timepiece accurately designed to wear throughout all hours of the day. Available in two different colours this watch is perfect for any occasion; from business to pleasure where style and comfort is a must.

Tom Carter
The all black “S7S” Edition specifically made for globally renowned DJ S7S is designed for the upbeat and city rhythms for all trend setters out there! Lucky number 7 embossed in fire red makes a statement for the crowds while keeping perfectly in tune timing for any occasion. Whether on set or jet setting across the globe this triple AAA PVD Black coated timepiece and radiant black face is definitely worth spinning your records for!

Tom Carter
The Silicon “Voyager” is the perfect watch for the carefree and relaxed individual. Available in seven different colours to suit your own personal mood and style. From sporty, to casual, to fashion forward, it’s all about having fun and enjoying life.


There you go everyone. If you noticed, most of the products are from Tom Carter because personally, their style is perfect for both corporate and sporty guys so buying an item from them for your loved ones is not going to be a problem since they assure versatility on their products. If you want to see the entire collection, you can visit their official website. I think they have 17 watches in total available.

This post includes affiliate links. If you click on those links and actually bought the product, I will be getting some commission that will keep this blog up and running. Thank you so much for reading and happy shopping everyone!

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  1. wow! Great picks dearie! :) The second watch is my fave..! Gotta check that out.. perf gift for him ;)

    BTW, I have a new post dearie ;) Hope you can drop by ^_^

    Dearest yours,
    Jong :)

    1. Thanks Dear! Sure, will visit them right away! :)

  2. love the watches,esp the Tom Carter-Rose Gold. very nice
    im following you blog now :3

  3. Wow amazing selection !!!!



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