EDITOR'S PICK: Boots, a Must-Have for Guys!

boots for men
This is something I would like to try and see if I can pull it off myself because I always see guys wearing boots but only few can only wear it like a pro. So for today, I am officially adding boots for men in my must-haves list. There are lots of boots available for men out there but I am referring to turf boots or the hiking boot; not cowboy or  Chelsea boots because for me, they are kind of too old fashioned and western people can only pull them off. Wear it here in the Philippines, people might look at you as if you are wearing something that they see for the first time.

Turf Boots and Hiking Boots can be partnered even with your simple white shirt with slim fit jeans. Perfect this cold season in the country or even during typhoon days around July- September.

The problem is that this kind of  boots are kind of expensive here in the Philippines and you don't have enough choices because it is not really common for guys to wear killer boots like the one I have mentioned. You can try Zalora's collections of boots for men; prices range from 1,000 - 1,500 pesos, you might see what you have in mind.

I also saw amazing collection of boots in Milano, located in any SM Department Store Men's Shoe section and good thing is that they are not that expensive.

Wait for my next blog post as I tell you what I have discovered here in Manila where you can buy Class A boots from Dr. Marten's in less than 3,000 pesos.

photo source: whiskeygrade


  1. I agree they're a must have for guys. Amazing post! :*)


  2. Chelsea boots!!! The base of every man shoecloset =D

    Have a great day,

  3. Cool boots !!!
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