EDITOR'S GUIDE: White T-Shirt Makes Men More Attractive

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According to studies, guys wearing white t-shirts look more attractive compared to other guys wearing shirts with different colors. Scientifically, that is going to be 12% more attractive, experts say. Sometimes, proper grooming is not enough in order to git on the ladies because they know things that we don't and some of them are kind of unpredictable, just like this one. I never though that most girls are also basing the way they look at guys according to what they wear. It sound foolish but this is for real.

Wearing white t-shirt is creating this optical illusion for girls that the guy is more fit and attractive. It broadens the shoulders and slims the waist, producing that V-shaped body which is a sign of masculinity.

So the next time you go the bar or just walk outside, try wearing the basics; slim fit jeans, good pair of running shoes and of course, do not forget your white shirt and see how the girls look at you.


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