To Put or Not to Put Concealer/Foundation on Men's Face

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It is still a debate whether to put  or not to put a concealer on men's face. But this has been a normal scene in the fashion industry in all countries. Spot a male model who don't put a concealer nor foundation on his face or drop a name of a male actor whether it is local or foreign who don't use one. But for me as an editor of this blog, I consider concealer as of of a must-haves for guys who want to look good on cam or in person.

Concealers are not just for women. Men can also use this to "conceal" some unnecessary things  on their face such as blemishes, scars, eye bags etc. If you want to look good for a date or a job interview for example, do you want to let your acne scar ruin everything for that special day? Hell no!

Here in the Philippines, I am seeing guys who put too much face powder but for me it is a big no because it does not match our face's color unlike concealers or foundations that can mix in and make our face look like naturally smooth and appealing. You can try Men Pen's concealer product that is made especially for guys. It is perfect for rough skin, moles, acne and redness due to allergy or the weather.

In the Philippines, you can try Maxi Peel, Maybelline and the one that I am using now, Nichido stick concealer that I really like. I tried the other two that I just mentioned but this one is different and really mixes with my skin color. I don't use it regularly but it is helpful every time I see my face in the mirror with atrocious pimple marks. I just dab it on and voila! Instant naturally smooth face.

So what do you think about guys who put concealers or foundations? Yay? or Nay?

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