EDITOR'S PICK: Beanie for Guys this Christmas Season

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It's the time of the year again here in the Philippines where it is okay to wear multiple  clothing apparel because of the not-so-hot weather temperature. Unlike other countries especially in the US and Europe where guys can wear multiple set of clothes to fight the cold temperature, it is very uncommon here in the Philippines to have that opportunity not if you are living in Baguio City where the temperature is 10x colder in Manila City.

So the Editor's Pick for this cold season in the country is none other than, beanies. I am seeing a lot of guys wearing it already especially at the mall and only few can actually pull it off not the way I wear mine. And I envy those guys who can wear it better without looking like a goon. 

If you are going to a night out party or traveling to Baguio, make sure to have a beanie in your to-bring list. I don't usually see stores selling beanies for guys and if I do, it is not just the beanie that I am looking for, it is either an old fashioned beanie or a short one just like a bonnet that is also way too old fashioned. I saw these amazing beanies for guys and other hat accessories on Zara's website and I cannot help myself not to buy one. They are kind of expensive but if you are looking for some cheap ones, you can try buying it locally like in Lazada or Zalora since they offer discounts as well.

What I don't like about wearing a beanie though is it messed up my hair so once I wear it, there is not going back. I mean you cannot remove it anymore or else they will see how atrocious your hair is. 
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  1. I completely understand you and I have the same problem.. This year I draw my beanie and let my friend to knit it for me..let's see in few days ;)

    Have a great day,
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