EDITOR'S GUIDE: Hairstyle for Men this 2015

trending hairstyle for men 2015
Whether you have short, medium and long hair, it is essential to know some tips on how to manage them and do not look awful whenever you go to work or just by walking at the park. So I am going to tell you some key points on how to make your hair look dapper this year coming, 2015.

trending hairstyle for men 2015
trending hairstyle for men 2015
Putting texture on your hair is perfect for guys who have short to medium hair. For college students, this hairstyle can add masculinity and sophistication with your overall look.You can use hair products like BENCH Fix claydoh or the one I just switched to, GATSBY wax (black) since it stays on my hair even after work without looking oily or sticky. In order to achieve a hair with amazing texture (second photo above and below the cut), use your fingers to style it; no need for a brush or blow dry.

For young professionals, you can try city slicker for medium hair.  It is more elegant and smart looking compared to the first once. This is perfect for guys who work in the corporate industry.Make sure that both sides of your hair are shorter (dos). To achieve this gentleman classic look, you can use suave or different kind of claydoh or wax, preferably softer ones so they are easy to manage every now and then. You can comb it to have that soft, slick look but easier if you'll just use your fingers as well. The hair product will do the magic.

Long haired guys will not be out this 2015 but make sure to control it. Maintain a long hair that is shoulder-length and you can also apply matte hair product so you can control it against strong wind.

Alternative to Long Hairstyle is Top Knot. With a long hair, you can simply tie it back just like a ponytail and make sure to brush up your hair to have that masculine effect. Perfect for guys who want to achieve a rugged look.

Top Knot or Hairband? Who says guys cannot wear hairbands? I know this will be a hit for guys with longer hair because we are all seeing men playing football wearing the same thing so this will definitely come a long way! Of all these hairstyles that will trend in 2015, this is the most effortless!
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