EDITOR'S GUIDE: Basic Grooming Essentials for Men

men grooming, grooming, basic, essentials for men
men grooming, grooming, basic, essentials for men
Sharing you some tips on how to look good especially here in today's world where most people base their perceptions on the way a person look physically. In the Philippines, it is not very usual for guys to apply some products especially on their faces other than face powder and beyond that, let us say you apply naturally colored lip balm, concealers etc, people will call you gay if not vain. But people should accept the fact that being well-groomed has something to do with is not just about being clean or shaved all the time; it is also about being presentable in front of the crowd. 

Take note that your favorite actors, local or foreign, they have to wear makeups made for guy's skin type while they go places and meet their fans. So deal with it!

Here are the basic yet essential things to do when it comes to Men's proper grooming.

Brush and Floss regularly. When I say regularly, it should be on a daily basis every day, every night. This is highly advisable for guys with braces because the metal in your mouth attracts more cavities compared to those who don't have one.

Shower regularly. Self explanatory.

Keep your nails trimmed. If you have to trim it in a weekly basis, then do so! My nails grow so fast so I have to carry my nail cutter wherever I go. Sometimes, you can see me trimming my nail in my work desk. lol

Keep your hair trimmed. Not unless you want to have Bieber's hair where you want to fix it every now and then because it hurts both of your eyes already. You can refer to my post about men's hairstyles  for short, medium and long hair this upcoming 2015.

Say no to pimples. By washing your face regularly and putting some products that can treat your pimple or acne are must here in order to say no to pimples. Neutrogena has the perfect solutions for men's face and found these helpful reference in choosing the best facial wash for guys.

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  1. Haha, funny post, but truthful and useful ^_^

    Have a clear and clean Thursday =D
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