Minimal Danish Family Apartment

Nothing will beat minimal design for apartments and small rooms because no matter how small the space is, white-painted walls and minimal interior design will do the magic. All you gotta do is to release the simplicity within you.
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For today's design inspiration, let us visit the apartment of Textile designer and illustrator behind MisseMai, Mia-Louise Mailund Smith; her husband Mark Smith, a dental technician; and sons Herbert, 5, and Huxi, 2.

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Don't you just love the space filled with white and light? Notice the pastel colored displays?  I am so inlove with the entire concept of this place. Artistic indeed.

danish apartment, minimal style
The key here is by putting light colored design that is easy on the eye. The whole place makes you want to stay in the house 24/7. Perfect for stay-at-home individuals and will definitely boost someone's mind to release more creativity.

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